Sablinsky waterfall. Tosnensk waterfall. Red Sands.

Picnic near the waterfall

I suggest we spend the weekend on the banks of the Tosna River. Here are the famous Tosna and Sablinsky waterfalls. This is one of the few places in the flatlands where you can see real waterfalls. Tosnensky district is rich in waterfalls, quarries and caves. This abundance of natural wonders is explained by the fact that once there was an ocean floor here. Local tourists choose this place for picnics, and we will follow their example.

Picnic near the waterfall

1 day itinerary by Yulia Zharkova - Staycation, Uninhabited Nature -

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Day 1: Waterfalls and red sands

Local quarries and caves are formed by red and white quartz sands. Visiting the caves is recommended under the guidance of a speleologist guide, as it can be dangerous for beginners to visit them alone. We will visit the famous waterfalls of the Sablinsky Reserve. Visiting the Sablinsky and Tosnensky waterfalls is absolutely safe and does not require special training.
Visiting: Ul'yanovka, Otradnoye, Saint Petersburg, Tel'mana, Pustyn'ka