Photo tour of unobvious sights of the Leningrad region – Day 3: From selection to Vuoksa

The final day of our journey. We will start with a photo hunt for Trongzund Fortress, finish with shots of St. Andrew's Church in the soft rays of the afternoon sun.
Photo tour of unobvious sights of the Leningrad region

Trip duration: 3 days

Alina Maslova

Крепость Тронгзунд (Транзундский редут)

Historic Sites

Let's go take pictures of Trongzund Fortress. Since Peter's time it has been rebuilt, armed and disarmed without end. As a result, the fortress has not been used in any war since the 18th century. Trongzund acquired its present appearance in the second half of the XVIII century. It was literally cut down in the coastal Karelian rocks. Important: do not forget the basic safety rules if you decide to look into casemate.

Дом Говинга|

Historic Sites

Moving to Vyborg. Here, a five-storey Art Nouveau-style house, or more precisely, a collapsing facade reminiscent of it, deserves our attention. Until the mid 80s it was one of the most remarkable houses in Vyborg. Its interiors were decorated with frescos, oak ceilings and handmade fireplaces. In 1988, the building was relocated for the purpose of major renovation. But perestroika and the severe 90s were also present, and no one needed the architectural monument. The real owner, the construction company, has not yet been able to prosecute.

Самый старый жилой дом в России

Historic Sites

Five minutes, and we, according to unofficial reports, have the oldest apartment building in Russia. Curiously, he's still doing his job right to this day.

Костел Святого Гиацинта

Historic Sites

In front of us once a school of the Franciscan monastery built in the 16th century. The walls of the school, surprisingly, have been preserved despite repeated reconstructions of the building for various purposes. Since 2003, the Church of St. Hyacinth has served as a site for exhibitions of the Vyborg Castle, and the city authorities still receive letters asking to return the church to the believers.

Black Bull & Bar


It's time for a little refreshment. If the weather allows, we'll do it on the cozy terrace. The atmosphere of the Middle Ages is spectacular. As one can guess from the name, the main accent in the menu is on meat dishes that have rightfully won recognition among the restaurant guests.

Церковь Андрея Первозванного на Вуоксе


We move to the largest and most powerful river on the Karelian Isthmus to personally capture the church, which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the only one in the world built on a tiny island. For a long time it was possible to get to the temple only by ferry, but several years ago a massive bridge was built, which is still subject to severe criticism.



We finish our photo journey in a restaurant located on the territory of the equestrian club. The menu really has a huge selection of fish and meat dishes in the author's version of the chef of the restaurant. A whole page of homemade desserts deserves special attention.