Photo tour of unobvious sights of the Leningrad region – Day 1: The ruins of abandoned estates and a new development

Well, let's get our photo guns ready and go. In the program of the day: visiting 4 estates, 1 wooden temple and 1 Lutheran church.
Photo tour of unobvious sights of the Leningrad region

Trip duration: 3 days

Alina Maslova

Hyundai Creta

Moo Moo Burger & Grill

Burger Joints, BBQ Joints

Technical stop at a very popular burger shop in St. Petersburg. We'll stock up on burgers and water. Lunch is planned in the bosom of nature. We recommend to pay attention to a sound position "Erwin" with a cutlet from a seafood mix, "Swiss Peanut" with peanut paste inside, "Griboedov" with mushroom julienne as a sauce.

Усадьба Богословка


The first point of our photo journey is "Petersburg Kizhi" or the Church in the name of the Protection of the Holy Virgin with 25 puppet-shaped chapters. The church is an exact copy of the beloved church of Peter the Great, which was located on the territory of the present Vologda region and burned to the ground during the fire in 1963.

Каменная башня (руины ветряной мельницы)

Other Great Outdoors

Let's start the raid on the forgotten heritage of the Leningrad region. It is somewhat abandoned and neglected, but it has a huge potential for the realization of the most daring creative ideas. Volkovitskaya Tower next to the estate of the same name looks more like a defensive structure than the mill, as which it was conceived. However, it was indeed used for military purposes - during World War II, the tower functioned as a beacon until the Germans occupied the territory. In the postwar period, the estate was used as a sanatorium, hospital and even a hostel. After a fire in the 90s, the manor could no longer be restored. Make sure you capture it before you build a fashionable mansion on this site.

Церковь Святой Троицы

Historic Sites

The estate, shrouded in mystical legends, once belonged to Fyodor Briscorn, Peter the Great's secret advisor. It is said to be the most "disappeared" manor of the Leningrad region. Only the remnants of the foundation of the lord's house, the park gates and the crumbling church in the form of a rotunda have been preserved. The church, by the way, was erected in the early XIX century, allegedly inconsolable widow Briskorn. Only according to rumors, she was not as unhappy as she wanted to beg for her sins. But it did not work - the temple began to fall apart quickly, which confirms the hypothesis that her soul was left without forgiveness. The 12 columns inside the church once reminded us of the court musicians tortured to death by Olga Briskorn.

Gorki Golf Resort

Кюрлевский карьер (озеро Донцо)


We're gonna have burgers for lunch on the St. Petersburg Seishelles coast. Lake Donzo is famous for its transparency, aquamarine color of water and white sand. None of this is at all typical of the region. As well as a rare species of orchids, which can be captured in the vicinity of the lake immediately after our lunch.

Кирха Св. Иоанна, дер. Губаницы


A lyrical retreat on our current route is the Lutheran Kirch, which was restored in 1991 and built in the best Estonian traditions. Once upon a time, Finns and Russians lived side by side in the village of Gubanitsa, while Lutherans outnumbered Orthodox Christians. But the Soviet power was equally disgraceful to all religions, so from 1938 the temple served first as a prison, then a sawmill. Only in 1989 the church was finally returned to believers. We train to find the best views of the representative of Gothic architecture.

Усадьба барона Врангеля

Historic Sites

We return to the current topic of abandoned estates today. Before us is another old Gothic masterpiece, this time in English. The color scheme in the form of contrasting white drags on the unbuilt walls of red brick is still striking with its boldness. The estate faithfully keeps the tragic story of its caring master George Wrangel. In 1918 rebellious revolutionaries shot Wrangel right in his own house. His wife and children miraculously managed to escape to Petrograd. After the revolution, there was a village school on the estate for a long time. After she moved, the manor was ransacked.

Усадьба Гостилицы

Historic Sites

Let's hope that we will be lucky to find a once luxurious estate where the cream of St. Petersburg society flocked to the balls, in the beautiful rays of the setting sun. It is hard to believe, but the Gostelitsa estate is separated from the glossy and polished Peterhof by some 20 with small kilometers. The gentleman's house, famous for its famous owners, from Razumovsky to Karl Siemens, was destroyed by Soviet artillery that hit the enemy during the breakthrough of the blockade of Leningrad. The palace was no longer restored after that. Curiously, it is still possible to trace the layout of the manor house in Gostelitsy. And despite the ruins, the Trinity Church has been restored here, which is still active today.

GORKI Golf Club Restaurant


We deserve an elegant dinner in an atmospheric space with Scottish accents. And let the panoramic view of the endless golf course be a nice bonus for our cameras. We recommend paying attention to the Finnish ear with hot smoked trout, fried dumplings with sweet chili sauce, stewed beef cheeks.