Patriotic family trip – Day 2: Excursion to the home field

Today promises to be an incredibly interesting day. Our plans include a trip to one of the three race fields - Borodino. There is no doubt that the battle that took place here changed the course of the Great Patriotic War, as well as history in general. We will visit several museums that tell about these events in detail, as well as walk to the monuments of the fallen wars.
Patriotic family trip
Travel distance by car: 189 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Presnenskiy, Alekseyevka, Shevardino, Borodino, Zvenigorod

Trip duration: 2 days

Alexander Polyakov

Поле Бородинского сражения

Historic Sites

One of the most famous battles in Russian history - the Battle of Borodino - took place near the village of Borodino. It is here that the museum of the memory of these historical events is located today, where the Patriotic War of 1812 is covered in every detail, as well as the monument to the feat of Russian soldiers.

Спасо-Бородинский монастырь


Another major attraction near the village of Borodino is the Spaso-Borodino Monastery. It was founded in the first half of the nineteenth century by Margarita Mikhailovna Tuchkova. In the house, where the founder once lived, today there is a museum, the exposition of which tells about the historical events of those years, as well as about the life of the monastery itself.

Шевардинский редут

Monuments / Landmarks

Few people know, but the famous Battle of Borodino was preceded by the Battle of Shevardinsky redoubt, during which Napoleon's troops tried to surround our infantry. As a result of persistent battle, both sides suffered huge losses here, but our troops were able to buy some time to complete some defensive work before the Battle of Borodino. Today, in the very center of redoubt, we have erected a monument to the fighters who defended these borders.

Здесь был Чехов


In Zvenigorod there is a cafe-bakery called "Here was Chekhov". The internal atmosphere here is very cozy and hospitable. In the menu you can find many traditional Russian and European dishes. Various French desserts and pastries are especially popular.