Patriotic family trip – Day 1: Cultural and patriotic walks

On the first day of our trip we will go to the southwest direction of Moscow suburbs. Ahead of us there are such sights as Patriot Park, as well as the manor, where he spent his childhood years, perhaps, the most famous Russian poet and writer Alexander Pushkin.
Patriotic family trip
Travel distance by car: 153 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Alekseyevka, Kubinka, Mozhaysk, Presnenskiy, Zakharovo

Trip duration: 2 days

Alexander Polyakov

Hyundai Creta

Пушкинский парк


You can start our journey from the very place where once the great Russian poet and writer Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin spent his childhood years - from the estate Zakharovo, which is part of the State Historical and Literary Museum-Reserve of Alexander S. Pushkin. Its territory is very pleasant and well-groomed, also there are many architectural monuments of 16-19 centuries.

Военно-патриотический парк «Патриот»


One of the most interesting sights in the Moscow region can be called Patriot Park. On its territory there are opened a number of military historical complexes, where you can see a variety of military equipment, from tanks of the Great Patriotic War to modern weapons. In addition, the park also hosts various interactive exhibitions, a shooting competition, car racing, weapons training, reconstruction and much more.

Вежливые люди


After walks and excursions in the park, you can go for lunch in a dining room located on its territory called Polite people. The food is simple but generous, with several soups to choose from, meat and side dishes and salads made from fresh vegetables.

Ecorancho Aleekseevka

Gazprom Neft filling station #54

Gazpromneft's filling station network is located on the M1 federal highway "Belarus", namely the city of Kubinka. The station operates under a post-payment system, where customers first fill up their cars at one of the fuel dispensers and then pay for the fuel in cash or by bank card. Thanks to this system, the time spent at the filling station is halved.

Можайский Кремль

Historic Sites

One of the largest historical objects in this direction of Moscow suburbs can be called the Mozhaisk Kremlin. This white-stone fortress was erected according to the estimates of scientists around the 12th century, and it was thanks to the foundation of a strategic outpost on this territory that the city of Mozhaisk itself later emerged. Unfortunately, the Kremlin has not been preserved in its entirety, many parts of the walls and towers have been destroyed, but restoration work has recently begun and many buildings in the area have been restored.


The day is coming to an end, so it's time to go to a local café for dinner. A place called Chocolate would be perfect for that. Here you can prepare a traditional set of dishes and snacks, including a variety of salads, pizza, sandwiches, desserts, hot and cold snacks.