Learn how kalachies are prepared at the Kalachnaya museum.. Drink mead at the Mystery of Kolomna Mead Museum.. Tasting the Pastille at the Museum of the "Kolomna Pastille".. To see the heaviest gingerbread in the museum "Tula Gingerbread".. Learn how to cook kulebyaka in the cooking studio "Rooster in wine".. Compare the Kolomna Pastille with the Belevsky Pastille.. . . .

Pastila, mead and more.

Many of us have tried a lot of delicacies from all over the world, but agree that the most delicious and close to heart - Russian cuisine! In this trip we offer you to plunge into the ancient Russian traditions and try the delicious sweets, which once were considered delicacies in ancient Russia!

Pastila, mead and more.

2 days itinerary by Yana Levchuk - Gastronomy Tour - 1 Hotel

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Day 1: Gastronomic Pride of Kolomna

When you ask the locals about Kolomna's traditional dishes, everyone no doubt mentions apple pastila, aromatic kalachi and mead. This is quite obvious, as this is the city where sweets and drinks based on ancient recipes are reproduced. You can even say with certainty that they are the brand of a tourist town!
Visiting: Kolomna, Tula, Borki, Sychevo, Ryazan

Day 2: Oh, a Tula gingerbread!

Welcome to Tula, the city of Tula gingerbread and white pastila! But today, in addition to visiting the museum, we will also learn how to cook kulebyaka and lush pie!
Visiting: Tula, Belev, Novomoskovsk, Pervomayskiy, Ryazan