Orange in a pot – Day 1: Two cities in one day.

In the morning we will visit Kronstadt Fortress and then head to the no less interesting Oranienbaum.
Orange in a pot

Trip duration: 1 day

Valeria Azuevskaya

Saint Petersburg

Смотровая Площадка

Scenic Lookouts

The unique dam connecting Kronstadt with St. Petersburg was conceived not just as a bridge, but also as a defensive structure against floods, which constantly caused problems to the city. The observation deck is a good place for a photo.

Форт 3-й Северный

Historic Sites

The fort, built under Peter I, is now one of the cultural sites of UNESCO World Heritage (since 1990). Films are often shot here. There is a nice sandy beach nearby.

Музей истории Кронштадта

History Museums

It's a good place to learn a lot of interesting facts about Kronstadt. The most interesting exposition is "Underwater Archaeology", where unique finds from the sea depths are presented. The museum is compact, so neither adults nor children will be tired here. The museum opening hours are from 11:00 to 17:30, but you can arrive a little earlier to buy tickets without queuing and walk around the surrounding area. *" Summer museum is open weekends, other seasons closed on Wednesdays

Большая черепаха

Eastern European Restaurants

I suggest we have lunch in the old district of Kotlin. Restaurant "Big Turtle" is located near the museum. Prices are reasonable, fast service, and most importantly, it is very tasty.

Якорная площадь


This is the main square of the city. There are many sights here, the main one of which is the Sea Cathedral of St. Nicholas. Nearby there are monuments to famous admirals of Russia - F.F. Ushakov and S.O. Makarov.

Макаровский мост


The Makarov Bridge was built especially for Emperor Nicholas II, who participated in the consecration ceremony of the Sea Cathedral. It is small, but very beautiful. Beautiful place for a photo!

Памятник изобретателю радио А. С. Попову

Monuments / Landmarks

Inventor of the radio A.S. Popov taught at the Kronstadt Minnesota officer class. It was here that he conducted his first experiments in radio signal transmission.

Петровский парк


Favorite place for walks by locals. In the center of the park is a famous monument to Peter I. Through the park you can reach Petrovskaya pier. It's a great place for rest and photos.

The Sliding Hill Pavilion (Павильон «Катальная горка»)

Historic Sites

We cross the Gulf of Finland by a dam to get to Oranienbaum. One of the most beautiful structures in the city is the "Catalina Hill" pavilion, built for the young Empress Catherine II. The hill itself, which could be used for riding both in winter and summer, has not been preserved. However, the pavilion for rest has survived. It was recently restored.

The Chinese Palace (Китайский Дворец)


The main treasure of Oranienbaum is the famous Chinese palace, built under Peter III. Be sure to visit it, as its interior decoration is unique.

Памятный знак Меншикову "Апельсиновое дерево"

Outdoor Sculptures

Why does the city have such a strange name? It translates as "Orange Tree." It's simple - the founder of the city Prince Menshikov dreamed of growing oranges in his greenhouse, and he managed to do it here. A monument near the Menshikov Palace reminds us of this. It's an interesting place for pictures.

GrillBar Academia

BBQ Joints

Evening I recommend to spend in a cozy restaurant. Juicy meat steaks, burgers or light salads with desserts will make any dinner unique.

Saint Petersburg