Admire the frescoes in Borovsk.. Catch a connection to space next to the giant "universe mind".... Help build a house out of lumps. Remember Paris inside a 22-meter-long birch giant.... Feel the perfect scenery. Running in the fields, lying in the hay, admiring the stars.. Buy a memory wooden sculpture that will raise a thousand questions from your guests. .

Open Air Art: Two Days in Nikola Lenivets Art Park

You may have heard about "Nikola-Lenivets" - an art park near the village of the same name - in connection with the architectural festival "Archstoyanie". For almost 15 years now, 650 hectares of forests and fields near Kaluga have attracted dreamers who come up with incredible projects. The main advantage of most of the art objects is that they are made of ecological materials and you can (and should) climb on them. In one day to bypass all the interesting points in "Nikola-Lenivets" is unreal. We will try to do it in two days, and on the way to the cherished goal will visit the cozy town of Borovsk. "Nikola-Lazyvets" works all year round, but in winter it doesn't look as epic as in summer. It is desirable not to be pumped up by the weather - then landscapes exactly promise to touch your heart, and legs will not get stuck in the road mud.

Open Air Art: Two Days in Nikola Lenivets Art Park

2 days itinerary by Marina Voronchikhina - Arts and Creativity, Unobvious locations - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Arts and Creativity, Unobvious locations

Day 1: Moscow - Borovsk - Nikola Lenivets

We leave in the morning from Moscow, on the way we capture a tiny town Borovsk. Haven't you heard of it? And not once he defended the capital from enemy raids - Tatar hordes, troops of Falsdmitry and Napoleon, fascists. There is a real "Russian spirit" hovering in Borovsk. Besides monasteries and churches, the city boasts the best open-air gallery in the entire Kaluga region. In the afternoon we arrive at the park "Nikola Lenivets" - the largest art park in Europe. We wander there in the fields and forests until sunset, lying in the hay, climbing on the art objects, gnawing grass and remember to take pictures.
Visiting: Zvizzhi, Nikola-Lenivets, Moscow, Borovsk, Obninsk

Day 2: Another wonderful day among forests, fields and phantasmagoric figures.

Half a day we will spend in "Nikola-Lenivets": you will see so much more unusual, large-scale, strange! We will go home closer to 16:00 - to have dinner and to deliver the car in time.
Visiting: Zvizzhi, Nikola-Lenivets, Moscow, Belousovo, Myatlevo