Live in hot springs near Chelyabinsk. Horseback riding, riding a snowmobile, riding tricks.... Husky and husky cuddles at Aquilon Center.. See a rock icon. To visit a temple built without a single nail.. .

No more skiing: where else to go in winter from Magnitogorsk.

The question of where to spend the weekend is always relevant. If you are bored with ski resorts, this route is for you. Communicating with charming huskies, horseback riding, snowmobiling, hot thermal springs - all this will help you make up for a month of energy and impressions.

No more skiing: where else to go in winter from Magnitogorsk.

2 days itinerary by Marina Voronchikhina - Sport and Leisure - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Sport and Leisure

Day 1: A temple without a single nail, horse, chestnut and husky.

I recommend to go early - then you will have time to see the rock icon and the temple, built without a single nail, ride horses and snowmobile in the country club "Bystrai". At the end of the day you will visit the Husky Center, and then go for a delicious dinner and overnight stay in the village of Etkul, where tomorrow you will continue your journey.
Visiting: Yetkul', Yuzhno-Chelyabinskiy Priisk, Chelyabinsk, Staraya Magnitka, Plast, Stepnoye, Verkhnyaya Sanarka, Magnitogorsk

Day 2: Rest in the thermal pool complex "Baden Baden"

Spend half the day in the thermal pool complex "Baden Baden", where you will find baths of the peoples of the world, all kinds of pools and salt room. And on the way back, admire the monument to the legendary Moskvich-401 in Emanzhelinsk.
Visiting: Yetkul', Pechenkino, Plast, Sanatornyy, Yemanzhelinsk, Kirsanov, Magnitogorsk