Vyborgsky Castle. Montrepo Park. City Hall Tower. Burger Manor. Haunted house. Church of St. Hyacinth. Old Town Hall Square. Drakkary. Main Gate of Montrepo. St. Olaf's Tower. . .

 New impressions in Vyborg

Two hours drive from St. Petersburg is Vyborg, a small city with stunning European architecture. The legendary Montrepo Park, famous as one of the most beautiful historical parks of Northern Europe, is located in this amazing place. The combination of Karelian northern nature and the romance of the landscape park gives Montrepo a special attraction. Montrepo was originally admired by people without whom it is impossible to imagine the cultural history of Russia - from members of the Russian Imperial House to composer Mikhail Glinka and poet Osip Mandelstam.

New impressions in Vyborg

1 day itinerary by Матвей Тимофеев - Families with Kids, History and Culture -

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Day 1: Vyborg beauty

We go to an ancient city with an interesting and multifaceted history and European architecture. We will see the most beautiful places of Vyborg and will not give up the local cuisine!
Visiting: Vyborg, Saint Petersburg, Sorvali, Centralniy