Nature of the South-West of the Moscow region – Day 3: Nature along Kiev highway

Our little trip ends today. We will drive through Naro-Fominsk towards Moscow, along the way we plan to stop in the dense forests and thickets, walk in the swamps and lakes, in short, a full acquaintance with the nature of this region. It is better to have breakfast in the hotel to have time to visit as many interesting places as possible.
Nature of the South-West of the Moscow region

Trip duration: 3 days

Alexandr Kosar

Озеро Прогнанка (Прогнанка)


Our first stop today was the lake shore near the small village of Spas Prognanje. As there are many rural houses on its southern shores, we decided to take our walk in the dense forests of the northeast shore, where there are also quite comfortable descents to the water.



Before going to lunch, we made a stop in the woods, a little before reaching Naro-Fominsk. Thick woodlands here are located on both sides of the Kiev highway, right after a small development. We decided to take a walk near SNT Kommunar, as here the forest no longer borders on the other side with villages or the city.


Steakhouses, Eastern European Restaurants

In Naro-Fominsk on one of the main streets is a very good grill bar "Pride". The menu here offers a choice of pasta, soup, salads and a variety of meat dishes. We like Bavarian sausages and fried eggplants with tomatoes.

Торфяное озеро


In the Moscow region there are also many dense forests, for example, near the village of Ozhigovo there is a dense thicket, where we stopped in the afternoon. The area as a whole is quite swampy, you can often stumble upon peat lakes, but the distance from urban noise fully compensates for these inconveniences.

Тимонинское Озеро


And before going to dinner, we made a not very long stop near Lake Timoninskoye, which is located in the village of the same name in the Moscow region. The area is no longer so isolated and remote, but the beach and the endless plain on the other side of the lake are also very picturesque.

Ресторан «Александр»


In the village of Vlasovo of the Moscow region there is a recreation center "Alexander", in the restaurant of which we decided to have dinner. The menu here is full of various exquisite dishes, as well as extensive tea and coffee cards. Norwegian salmon of spicy salmon and venison tar-tarts are also among the snacks.