Ural Mars. Mystical Lake Shaitan. A mountain with the funny name of "Hats.". Kungur cave. Mountains from Bazhenov's fairy tales.

Mysteries of the Sverdlovsk region

Three long days are waiting for you, but the expanses of Mother Russia are amazing. You are waited by mountains Azov, Volchikha, Kolpaki, Spruce cape, Devil's Town. They are very different from each other, on one you are waiting for the gems and you will feel yourself in Bazhov's fairy tale "Stone flower", on the other you are waiting for the mountain skis, and on the third - ancient shamans and writer. There are also many animals in the region, so keep your eyes peeled as you ride or walk, maybe you'll meet a pack of foxes. Through the forest and mountains you can also get to Mars, yes yes, to see this miracle is not necessary to go to Baikonur and land in a rocket. But since we're talking about flying, you'll have to fly on this trip too, but not on a rocket, but on a paraglider or a balloon.

Mysteries of the Sverdlovsk region

3 days itinerary by Anna Semochkina - Sport and Leisure - 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Sport and Leisure

Day 1: Martian landscapes and mountain walks

Did you know that you could drive to Mars? If not, then now you will find out and not just find out, but you will get to the red planet by yourself and you will be able to capture it on camera. From Mars you will get acquainted with the Ural Mountains and try to imagine that once the mountains were 6,000 people, but now there are small rocks left of them. After the creations of nature you will see the creation of a man, namely a blacksmith, who built his house so that he became known throughout the country. And the night you will meet him in Nizhny Tagil.
Visiting: Nizhniy Tagil, Perevalovo, Podzhukovo, Iset', Listvyannoye, Sovetskiy, Kunara, Klyuchiki, Tyumen, Novaya Kushva

Day 2: Caves and flight

Siberian distances are not small, but it's worth it. You will have a day of mountain hiking, get acquainted with the cave and you can also feel like a bird by flying one of the three airplanes. And don't forget the magnificent winter landscapes that will accompany you all the way. The day will end with a rest in a traditional Russian bath.
Visiting: Revda, Promysla, Polevaya, Nizhniy Tagil, Novoalekseyevskoye, Achit, Filippovka, Kungur

Day 3: Mountain Day

The morning will start with skiing, skiing or snowboarding, whichever is closer to you. After you, two more mountains await you, this time without skiing. The Sverdlovsk region is famous for its gems, maybe you will find gems in the mountains during your hiking.
Visiting: Uktusskiy, Revda, Pyshma, Zyuzel'skiy, Iset', Kurganovo, Tyumen