Mysteries of the land of Smolensk – Day 6: Road home

This journey was filled with historical places and cultural monuments. How about contemporary art in the Nikola Lenivets Park of the same name? These massive alien installations will make a huge impression on you. It's time to realize how much culture has changed in such a small amount of time against the background of chronicles of all mankind!
Mysteries of the land of Smolensk
Travel distance by car: 301 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Yukhnov, Nikola-Lenivets, Moscow, Obninsk, Strelkovo, Podolsk, Maloyaroslavets

Trip duration: 6 days

Darina Frantz


Sculpture Gardens

The Ugra National Park, located in the Kaluga region, has a truly unique place, whose history began about 30 years ago. Around a small village called Nikola Lenivets an incredible art park was created, some exhibits of which are literally bewitching with their scale and power.

Диорама «Сражение при Малоярославце 12/24 октября 1812 года»

History Museums

This diorama is dedicated to the little-known battle of 1812 under the command of General Borozdin with Napoleon's troops near the walls of the Chernoostrovsky monastery. The battle took place on October 12 and lasted about 18 hours. As a result, the French troops withdrew from the Kaluga direction. In Maloyaroslavets there are many monuments and monuments devoted to this event. You can listen to its history right on the diorama, where the voice of the announcer is constantly sounding and cannon shots are heard. Mode of operation: Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00-18:00, Monday is a day off.

Loft Restaurant & Bar

Mediterranean Restaurants, Eastern European Restaurants, Bars

Wonderful restaurant of Mediterranean cuisine. Everything is pleasant here, from the interior to the music. Visitors recommend warm salad with seafood and mussels.

Усадьба князей Голицыных в Дубровицах

History Museums

The estate is located on the picturesque bank of the river Pakhra. The first mention of it dates back to 1627. At that time the manor was called the patrimony of the boyar I.V. Morozov, thanks to which the borders of the land plot were considerably extended. After his death, the estate was inherited by Aksinya Ivanovna, Morozov's daughter and wife of Prince I.A. Golitsyn.

Бургерная Бургер&Фрайс от Мираторг

Restaurants, Cafés

And the final point of this route will be the burger restaurant. Juicy and delicious burger! Maybe that's exactly what the soul wants?