Mysteries of the land of Smolensk – Day 3: Hero City of Smolensk

So the day has come to meet Smolensk and his beauties! Are you excited? The city is replete with historical monuments and cultural heritage! You have a lot to see, prepare the memory on your phone.
Mysteries of the land of Smolensk
Travel distance by car: 98 km.Travel distance on foot: 1 km.Visiting: Smolensk, Yartsevo, Pechersk

Trip duration: 6 days

Darina Frantz

Gazpromneft filling station #252

It's a great trip, isn't it? And for it to be dynamic, come to the Gazpromneft filling station, take water and a snack.

Свято-Успенский кафедральный собор


The first thing you'll do is go to the Holy Assumption Cathedral. It is the main cathedral of the city, a monument symbolizing its heroic and turbulent history. Together with other buildings of the Cathedral Mountain, a luxurious architectural ensemble, is the main dominating feature of Smolensk, its symbol and decoration. The Sobornaya Mount ensemble has been preserved in this form since the middle of the XVIII century.

Памятник М. И. Кутузову

Monuments / Landmarks

The monument was unveiled on June 20, 1954. The monument is a full-length bronze figure of a field marshal on a pink granite pedestal. Kutuzov appears at the zenith of glory, triumphing over the enemy.

Лопатинский сад


One of the most beautiful and romantic places in Smolensk. The garden was created in 1873 by order of the governor A.G. Lopatin on the territory of the decayed Royal Bastion. Take a walk and enjoy the local beauties.

Нулевой километр

Monuments / Landmarks

The city sculpture at the post office is a cast-iron pole with pointers, in the base of which lies the same cast-iron disk with an eight-pointed star - "rose of winds". It was made in preparation for the 1150th anniversary of Smolensk.



Here you will find a pleasant atmosphere, tables standing at a good distance from each other, soft background music, quick friendly and delicate service.

Dubrava Hotel

Башня Громовая / Gromovaya Tower

Monuments / Landmarks

The renewed exposition is displayed on the second and third tiers of the tower and is dedicated to the construction of the Smolensk fortress wall, the defense of Smolensk, the Smolensk war and the final entry of the city into the Russian state. It presents household items and weapons from the collections of museums and private collections. Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday from 11.00 to 19.00 (till 18.00). Monday is a day off.

Памятник зодчему Ф. Коню

Monuments / Landmarks

The monument to the prominent Russian architect Fyodor Konyu, the builder of the Smolensk fortress, is located near the Thunder Tower. This "sovereign master" built not only the Smolensk stronghold, but also fortifications of the White City in Moscow, worked in the Alexander sloboda, returned several monasteries.

Памятник войне 1812 года

Monuments / Landmarks

The monument is a large rock, on top of which sit two formidable eagles, protecting the nest from climbing to it on the ledges of a Gall warrior with a naked sword in his hand. One eagle spread its powerful wings and clutched its claws at the hand of the gaul. The second bird covers the nest, lurking just behind it, waiting for the right moment to attack the enemy from the rear. Sculptures of eagles symbolize the two Russian armies, joined in Smolensk. Warrior in medieval armor represents Napoleon's army.

Сад Блонье


Blonie Garden, is the historical center of Smolensk, with its interesting and rich history. The park was laid out in the XIX century by order of Nicholas I on the site of the former square for army exercises. It is decorated with trophy sculptures of lions and deer removed from Europe after the end of the Great Patriotic War, the monument to Glinka, flowerbeds and a fountain.

Питер Пуш

Italian Restaurants

The cafe is on the second floor of an old building. It specializes in Italian cuisine, but also has a seasonal menu. On weekends a musician plays guitar. Visitors are delighted with caneloni and carbonara.

Dubrava Hotel

It's been a very busy day! Now would be a good time to gather strength and get some sleep.