Mysteries of the land of Smolensk – Day 1: Exploring Mozhaisk and its history...

Today begins your long journey to the Smolensk lands. You will make stops in the most interesting and significant places. Mozhaisk is the most ancient city of Russia, the capital of the Mozhaisk Principality. The city has experienced blossoms and declines, but it is still alive! Enjoy its beauty and do not hurry anywhere, you have plenty of time ahead of you.
Mysteries of the land of Smolensk
Travel distance by car: 247 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Lebedki, Mozhaysk, Gagarin, Moscow, Kubinka, Star'kovo

Trip duration: 6 days

Darina Frantz

Hyundai Elantra

Парк "Патриот". Музейный комплекс - Площадка № 2. Технический центр


The park has a museum of aviation, a museum of armored vehicles, artillery, sports facilities, sports simulators, historical exhibitions, exhibitions of samples of weapons and equipment. Here you will find out what a powerful military park Russia has.

Можайский Кремль

Historic Sites

It is an inactive historical monument, but it deserves your attention. After the Time of Troubles the Mozhaisk Kremlin lost its defensive significance and was gradually dismantled. However, fortress ramparts and a part of St. Nicholas Gate, built into the New St. Nicholas Cathedral, Peter and Paul Cathedral and several other interesting buildings remained.

Пивной ресторан "Старый Шульц"

Irish Pubs

It's a small and cozy place. Visitors recommend tasting soup in black bread.

Парк Победы


The park is a square where you will see the monument to the Liberator Soldier and the Eternal Flame.


Stables, Resorts, Farms

The equestrian base "Outpost" is located on the outskirts of the city. There are stables, an arboretum, a lake, a contact zoo and many arbours for recreation. The main complex is adjacent to the Eco Park, where deer, marals, fallow deer and other animals live in natural conditions. At 50 meters from the gates of the ranch there is the ancient Luzhetsky Monastery and the holy spring. The equestrian complex contains over 50 horses of various breeds. All horses have a calm temper and no behavioral problems. You can sign up for a ride at [site](

Vazuza Country Club

Исток Москвы-реки

Other Great Outdoors

There is a small chapel, which appeared more than 10 years ago, inside you can collect drinking water beating from the spring.

Дежа Вю


At the end of this beautiful day, have dinner in this nice place. The restaurant offers an extensive menu, from cold snacks to hot dishes and a variety of desserts.

Vazuza Country Club

Now it's time to get a good night's sleep before tomorrow's busy day!