To visit Baba Yaga.. Try your hand at best.. Take a snowboard ride or steam in a Russian bath in the center of "Komel".. Catch fish and make a delicious lunch on fire.. Practice your marksmanship in a shooting club.. Learn all about metallurgy at the Cherepovets museum..

Movement is life: active weekend from Yaroslavl.

Alas, warm weather will have to wait a long time. But you can not wait, but just get in the car and go on a trip to Yaroslavl and Vologda regions. This route includes the most interesting places, visiting which is relevant even in frosty seasons. Ski resorts, fishing, shooting club and Russian sauna - this is the perfect shot against bad mood and insomnia!

Movement is life: active weekend from Yaroslavl.

3 days itinerary by Marina Voronchikhina - Sport and Leisure - 2 Hotels

Road Trip Categories: Sport and Leisure

Day 1: Possessions of Baba Yaga, Sports and Recreation Center "Komel"

Early in the morning you will go to Baba Yaga's possessions in Kukoboi village. Then the way lies to the Center for Sports and Recreation "Komela", where you can go snowboarding, cake or skiing or steam in a Russian bath. For dinner, head to an Italian restaurant in Vologda - eat pizza from a wood-fired oven and taste cheese from your own cheese factory.
Visiting: Vologda, Kroplevo, Mutykalovo, Yaroslavl, Gryazovets, Kukoboy

Day 2: Club "Russian Knights", sports and shooting club "Y.E.S." and private cinema.

In the morning we will go to the club "Russian Knights" - to play paintball, lasertag or try your hand at the best battle. Then visit the sports and shooting club "Y.E.S." to practice the accuracy, admire the animals in the zoo or relax on the ski slopes. The ideal end of the day is to relax in a private cinema, where you can watch your favourite films.
Visiting: Vologda, Cherepovets, Khrenovo, Borok, Fryazinovo

Day 3: Museum of metallurgical industry in Cherepovets, Health trail, fishing at the "Upper fish market" base

In the morning we will have a look at the Museum of Metallurgical Industry for an hour or two to answer all the accumulated questions about metallurgy. We will walk along the Health Trail in a picturesque forest and then go to the Upper Fishery Base for fishing and outdoor dining.
Visiting: Cherepovets, Vasil'yevskoye, Ostrovki, Ugly, Yaroslavl, Poshekhon'ye