Repin House.. V. Nabokov dacha. Sculptures on the Gulf of Finland. Feodorovskiy town.

Manors of the Leningrad region

Let us start our short journey in a city that has preserved the atmosphere of the XVII century. After that we will move to I. Schwartz's studio, remembering the melody from the film "The White Sun of the Desert". We will walk around the summer houses of the V. Nabokov family and the estate of the artist I. E. Repin and enjoy the beaches of the Gulf of Finland. Let's see how the sculptors saw the city beach in the 60s and find ourselves in the bay, where the Soviet submarines were fueled.

Manors of the Leningrad region

2 days itinerary by Ksenia Beskova - History and Culture, Arts and Creativity - Car, 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture, Arts and Creativity

Day 1: Fyodorovsky small town and workshop. Schwartz.

In the morning we will find ourselves in the 17th century in the wonderful town of Fyodorovsky. After we remember the melodies from Soviet films in the workshop of composer I. Schwartz and go to see the estates where V. Nabokov's family lived and often visited by the writer himself. We will spend the night in a hotel on the Gulf of Finland.
Visiting: Dubki, Rozhdestveno, Pushkin, Pumalitsa, Gubanitsy, Belogorka, Centralniy, Vyra, Kingisepp

Day 2: The Gulf of Finland and the house of Repin.

There are several stops waiting for us today on the Gulf of Finland. We will visit the bay where Soviet submarines once refueled, wander among the sculptures of the 60s on a sandy beach in the village of Sunny. We will see the house, which was created by the artist IE Repin with his own hands.
Visiting: Dubki, Centralniy, Kronshtadt, Zelenogorsk, Shepelevo, Staroye Gorkolovo, Solnechnoye, Repino