On this journey you will visit the Ostafyevo Estate, where Karamzin once wrote his famous work "History of the Russian State".. Visit the museum estate "Ivanovskoye", where Leo Tolstoy's grandfather once lived.. See one of the most beautiful and unusual churches in Russia..

Manors near Moscow

It is believed that all the main and interesting sights of the country can be seen only in its heart, in its capital. But thanks to this trip you will be sure that this is a myth, because Moscow Region will surprise you with its cultural attractions no less than Moscow!

Manors near Moscow

1 day itinerary by Ann Mikhaylova - History and Culture -

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: Acquaintance with cultural and architectural sights of the Moscow region

Today our trip will be dedicated to acquaintance with cultural monuments of Moscow region. We will visit the museum-estate "Ostafyevo", where the family of the Russian poet P.A. Vyazemsky once lived, we will visit the museum of the manor "Ivanovskoye", where we will learn not only about the history of the manor, but also about the professional education and folk arts and crafts of Russia of the XVIII-XIX centuries, we will see the manor "Dubrovitsy", as well as one of the most unusual Russian churches.
Visiting: Podolsk, Ostafyevo, Moscow, Dubrovitsy, Zyuzino