Art in Stavropol – Day 1: Art then and now.

Today we will go to Stavropol, where we will visit one of the main museums of the city, make a wish with Angel and plunge into the world of contemporary art.
Art in Stavropol

Trip duration: 2 days

Polina Zagoryanskaya

Hyundai Solaris

California Cafe


On the way to Stavropol we will make a lunch stop at the California Cafe of European and American cuisine. You should come here to try a sandwich club or have a delicious hot coffee. Cozy atmosphere and friendly staff will help you relax from the long journey.

Ставропольский государственный музей-заповедник им. Г. Н. Прозрителева и Г. К. Праве

History Museums

The first place we'll visit in Stavropol will be the local history museum. In this museum it is possible not only to look at household items and tools of the indigenous population of the North Caucasus, but also to get to temporary exhibitions of paintings. *The museum is closed on Mondays. On Tuesdays, the museum only accepts organized tours. Entrance to the museum costs 100 rubles.


Monuments / Landmarks

One of the symbols of the city is the "Guardian Angel" statue. They say that if you look at the Angel and make a wish, it will come true. Why not check it out?

Арт-галерея «Паршин»

Art Galleries

The next place we will visit is one of the biggest cultural centers in the city - art gallery "Parshin". The gallery exhibits paintings by young artists and copies of works known throughout the world. Other cultural events, such as music evenings, are often held here.



We will have dinner at the restaurant of European and Japanese cuisine "Chestnut". In winter you can sit inside the restaurant, and in summer you can enjoy the coolness on the terrace. Pleasant music, modern interior and friendly staff - everything you need to relax.