Travel to mountain lands – Day 1: Waterfalls of the River Psada

In one day you can gain health and emotions for the whole year. How? By visiting Pshada, swimming in a mountain river, and before that you can take a simple hiking route.
Travel to mountain lands

Trip duration: 1 day

Valeria Azuevskaya


Restaurant RED HALL

The restaurant "RED HALL" has a great inexpensive menu with breakfast. Fast serving, nicely decorated interior, very friendly staff.

Смотровая Площадка

Scenic Lookouts

I recommend making a small stop for the photo. From this place you can enjoy a great view of the mountains!

Дольмены р. Пшада

Historic Sites

During the route, you can stop at the dolmens, drive to the forest cardboard, have lunch there and leave your car. Then we continue our journey on foot... It is allowed to walk both along the trampled paths and directly along the riverbed, counting waterfalls. You can swim in the bowls of large waterfalls.

Kafe "Yablon'ka"

You can have dinner at Apple's Cafe. A wide range of dishes to suit every taste and wallet. Elegant location near the spring and waterfall. After dinner you can take a short walk enjoying the local nature.