Kola Peninsula: a great and beautiful polar region – Day 6: Dear Home: Voitsky Padun waterfall and an abandoned airfield

You have to leave the hotel early - 6:30 am. On the way home, we will stop at Voitski Padun waterfall, then visit the abandoned Hirvas airfield. We'll have dinner in a cozy cafe near Lake Ladoga.
Kola Peninsula: a great and beautiful polar region
Travel distance by car: 835 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Kem', Lodeynoye Pole, Centralniy, Segezha, Ussuna, Pryazha, Nadvoitsy

Trip duration: 6 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Voitsky Padun

Once the Voitsky Falls were much more powerful and were divided into three sleeves. After the construction of the White Sea Channel there was only one sleeve left - the Midfall. And although it's hard to call Padun a waterfall (it's more like rapids), the place remains extremely picturesque.

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We'll stop for a bite to eat at the roadside cafe. A plate of hot soup and a cup of coffee are the traveler's best friends. At the minimarket you can take water and food on the road.



Next to Palvozer is an unusual attraction - an abandoned airfield "Hirvas". For several years Soviet Su-15TM fighter-interceptors were based here. When the fighter regiment was relocated to Norilsk, the airfield was abandoned. Rumor has it that in the 90s IL-76 with smuggled goods from China sat here. The locals also believe that there's an underground secret aircraft parking lot. Anyway, the airfield is empty. Coverage is still very good here, so you can meet new drivers and daredevils on the runway, who practice drifting techniques.



We'll stop for a rest on the shore of Lake Pryazhin. This is one of the largest lakes in Karelia. The color of water in the lake is brown: the bottom is covered with silt and ore deposits.



We'll have dinner at Lodeynaya Polya, in the family café "Bell". It is famous for pleasant prices, a solid selection of hot dishes and desserts. The bonus is the cozy atmosphere.