Kola Peninsula: a great and beautiful polar region – Day 3: The legendary village of Teriberka, where they shot "Leviathan", and a walk in Murmansk.

We get up early today - we have to leave at least 7 a.m. The way lies in the famous village of Teriberka - the only place in the vicinity where you can admire the open Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean. In the evening we will return to Murmansk. The largest city in the world beyond the Arctic Circle will pleasantly surprise you with the number of sightseeing attractions.
Kola Peninsula: a great and beautiful polar region
Travel distance by car: 277 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Murmansk, Teriberka

Trip duration: 6 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Берег Баренцева моря


We leave early in the morning for the legendary village of Teriberka. People have lived here since the 16th century, but in the last couple of decades Teriberka has turned into a half-deserted village with many empty buildings. The revival of the village occurred after the release of Andrei Zvyagintsev's film "Leviathan". Part of the filming took place here, at the mouth of the river flowing into the Barents Sea. The magical beauty of this place is mesmerizing. Rough landscapes, unobtrusive tundra vegetation, placers of massive boulders and lakes - this is memorable for life.


Recreation Centers

Lunch on the shore of the Barents Sea - what could be better! Teriberka crown dishes are made from fish. It's quite natural. The locals have been fishing for herring, cod and salmon since ancient times.

Кладбище кораблей

Harbors / Marinas

The most visited place in Teriberka is the Cemetery of Ships. The skeletons of ships sticking out of the water look terrifying against the magnificent northern landscape. These vessels, which left only iron skeletons, were actively used in the middle of the last century, when two fishing plants operated in the village. In 1960 the district center was moved to Severomorsk, and the fishing was lost. No one needs iron workers have found eternal rest on this shore, becoming a controversial sight.

Five Corners (Пять Углов)


Back to Murmansk. We have half a day to see the city. We're lucky if it's polar day - it's nice to walk around any time! We'll start the city tour from the central square of Five Corners, stop at the sea station with the legendary nuclear icebreaker "Lenin". Then we'll go to Semyonovsky lake: there is a park with attractions and the tallest observation wheel behind the Arctic Circle. There is also a unique oceanarium, the only one in Europe where Arctic seals perform. Monday and Tuesday are the weekend of the oceanarium, the other days the sessions are at 11.00, 15.00 and 17.00. From here to "Alyosha" - so affectionately Murmansk people call the memorial "Defenders of the Soviet Polar Region during the Great Patriotic War" of impressive scale. This is the second largest monument in the country.

Царская охота

Russian Restaurants

We'll have dinner at the restaurant "Tsar Hunting". I can already make legends about his venison and salmon specialties. Pate made of elk's liver, forshmak with piked caviar, Murmansk scallops with celery root cream, Karelian boiling pot - delicacies go round your head!

Boutique Hotel Renaissance

After an early climb, a whole day outdoors and a hearty dinner is still a dream. Hurry up to the hotel!