Kola Peninsula: a great and beautiful polar region – Day 2: Day 2 on the way: White Sea, dinner in Apatity and overnight in Murmansk.

We will have to leave early: there will be a lot of picturesque places on the way, so we will sacrifice our sleep for them. On the way to Murmansk we will stop at the White Sea shore - for a short time, later you will have a chance to get acquainted with it closer. In the afternoon we will cross the Arctic Circle and have dinner already in Apatity. We'll be closer to midnight in Murmansk.
Kola Peninsula: a great and beautiful polar region
Travel distance by car: 804 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Segezha, Murmansk, Apatity, Lesnoy, Kem' Pristan', Rabocheostrovsk, Loukhi, Pirenga

Trip duration: 6 days

Marina Voronchikhina

Onega Bay (Онежская губа)

Other Great Outdoors

Let's take a short turn towards Kem town. It is located on the bank of the river at the top of the Kem Bay - from there to the sea about 12 km more. On the sea shore there is a tiny village Rabocheostrovsk. From here go passenger motorboats to the Solovetsky Islands. Let's stop here for half an hour - to observe white whales and seals, to listen to the wind whistle, to breathe in the smell of the sea. By the way, in 2005 the filming of the drama "Island" took place in Rabocheostrovsk. The scenery for the film by Pavel Lungin became the visiting card of the village.

Карельская трапеза

Cafés, Bars

Next to the pier there is a cafe "Karelian meal" - you're probably already hungry, so it's time for a tight lunch. Prices here are above average, but beautiful views of the White Sea and a good menu disarm.

Boutique Hotel Renaissance

Озеро Паново


You can stretch your bones and take a break at Panovo Lake. The coastline is built up with private houses and gardens. It is a favorite place for bathing of local kids and fishermen.

Полярный Круг

Scenic Lookouts

So, a solemn occasion! We cross the Polar Circle. Don't worry, you won't miss this moment: a stele with an observation deck symbolically separates the Arctic from more southern latitudes.

р. "Пиренга"


The scenery is getting more interesting. Here we are crossing the stormy River Pyrenga. This is an unusual river. Its 4-kilometre stretch from the dam to its inflow into Lake Imandra (you will just cross it on your way) does not freeze all year round. Why not? It's a big mystery. Either because of the floodgates or "guilty" of the streams flowing into the river. The fact remains that the river has open water all year round and this is a real gift for local fishermen.


Pizza Places, Cafés

I offer dinner in Apatity, in one of the best local cafes - "Jaga". The pizzeria pleasantly surprises with its stylish interior and food quality: fragrant pizza on a good fine dough has won the heart of more than one traveler.

Boutique Hotel Renaissance

Finally we're in Murmansk! The soft bed in the hotel will be a reward for long hours on the road. Sleep well: tomorrow begins your adventures on the Kola Peninsula!