Swans in winter. The Bottomless Eyes of Katuni. Winter Chui Trakt. Suspension Bridge on Patmos Island. Dragon Teeth. Alpine skiing on Turquoise Katunya. .

Katuni Wonders

Katuni Wonders

2 days itinerary by Anna Semochkina - Uninhabited Nature, Sport and Leisure - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, Sport and Leisure

Day 1: The first look in "Katuni Eyes"

Today you will spend your day surrounded by swans, make a simple ascent to the waterfall freezing with small diamonds in winter, and of course, do not forget about "Eyes of Katun" - one of the business cards of the region.
Visiting: Chemal, Barnaul, Kokshi, Askat, Ust'-Muny, Manzherok

Day 2: Natural Beauties of Altai

An active day awaits you with hiking, natural attractions and, finally, alpine skiing. Dress up warmly and enjoy.
Visiting: Chemal, Biysk, Ust'-Muny, Elekmonar, Barnaul