Climb the rocks Seven Brothers.. Enjoy the view from Mount Ezhova.. Visit a free tour of the Buddhist monastery on Mount Kachkanar. Take an evening walk on the Lower Tour.. Climb to the observation deck of the quarry on Mount Grace in Kushva.

Kachkanar Mountain and Buddhist Monastery

On this route there is where to walk and what to see: six cities, seven mountains and many other sights. All these places are available all year round. The highlight of the trip is climbing the Kachkanar mountain and visiting the Buddhist monastery. It's better to climb Mount Kachkanar on a weekend. In the immediate vicinity of the top of the Kachkanar Mining and Processing Complex digs a new quarry. And, they say, on weekdays during blasting operations security service does not allow tourists to the mountain. In summer it's better to go to Kolpaki mountain not directly from Kosya, but to drive through Is settlement and then turn to Kachkanar town. The short road at this time of year is available only for SUVs.

Kachkanar Mountain and Buddhist Monastery

3 days itinerary by Александр Багно - Sport and Leisure - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Sport and Leisure

Day 1: Mountains and rocks

We will climb one of the most famous rocks in the vicinity of Ekaterinburg - Seven Brothers. Then we will go to Mount Ezhovaya to enjoy the mountain scenery. The next peak we will visit will be Mount Lipovaya in the vicinity of Nizhny Tagil. And finally we will climb the Mount of Grace in Kushva, which offers a beautiful view of the city and a huge quarry.
Visiting: Verkh-Is, Novoural'sk, Verkhniy Tagil, Chernoistochinsk, Neyvo-Rudyanka, Verkhnyaya Tura, Nizhnyaya Tura, Uktusskiy, Yekaterinburg

Day 2: Kachkanar and Kapaks

We will start the day by climbing Mount Kachkanar and visiting a Buddhist monastery. Then we'll go to Mount Kolpaki. And we will finish the day with a walk along the Lower Tura, where we will visit the historical center, the pond embankment and the dam drain.
Visiting: Verkh-Is, Verkhnyaya Kos'ya, Nizhnyaya Tura, Promysla, Kachkanar, Imennovskiy, Is

Day 3: Return road

We will visit Krasnouralsk, where we will walk along the abandoned buildings of the Krasnogvardeyskaya mine. Then we will drive to the outskirts of Baranchinsky settlement, where we will climb the Blue Mountain overlooking Baranchinsky and reach the Kudryavy Stone Mountain overlooking the forests and Nizhny Tagil. Then we will visit the Nizhny Tagil pizzeria, where they make beautiful pizza. And we will finish the trip by walking in the center of Nevyansk, where we will see a sloping tower.
Visiting: Verkh-Is, Nev'yansk, Shumikha, Yekaterinburg, Nizhniy Tagil, Kushva, Krasnoural'sk, Nizhnyaya Tura