Visit Danilovsky Prison Castle, where Dzerzhinsky and Solzhenitsyn visited.. Walk around the fish microdistrict of HPP-14, where time has frozen.. To feel the nostalgia in the museum "Soviet era".. Visit the ruins of old monasteries and churches. .

Jump into the past: a nostalgic trip from Yaroslavl to the deserts and museums of socialist life.

Abandoned monasteries and picturesque ruins of churches, prison castles, museums of socialist life - this patriotic selection will give you a reason to think hard about the complicated history of our country and the fate of its inhabitants. The route includes several picturesque places in the vicinity of Yaroslavl, which will allow you to plunge into the past - Soviet and pre-Soviet - and touch the once beautiful, and today - forgotten.

Jump into the past: a nostalgic trip from Yaroslavl to the deserts and museums of socialist life.

2 days itinerary by Marina Voronchikhina - History and Culture - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: USSR Park in Tutaev, "HES-14" micro-district and "Soviet era" museum in Rybinsk

We'll start our journey with a walk through the Tutaevsky Park of the USSR, generously decorated with sculptures of Soviet pioneers. Then we explore the ruins of the Sofia Nunnery, founded in 1860. Then we go to the microdistrict "HES-14", where nothing has changed since Soviet times. Here we will also visit an amazing museum "Soviet era", which will allow adults to plunge into childhood, and children to get acquainted with the artifacts of the now non-existent country.
Visiting: Poshekhon'ye, Rybinsk, Tutayev, Lesnaya Polyana, Vasil'yevskaya, Yaroslavl

Day 2: Ruins of old churches, Danilovsky prison castle, Danilovsky Kazansky monastery on Gorushka

The second day will be dedicated to the abandoned buildings of the past centuries. In the first half of the day we will visit three dilapidated but still impressive churches in the area of Prechistovoye village. Then the way lies to the Danilovskyi prison castle, where Dzerzhinsky and Solzhenitsyn have visited. And in the evening you will visit the last temple, consecrated in Russia before 1990-s.
Visiting: Poshekhon'ye, Yaroslavl, Danilov, Klyuchevaya, Nikiforovo, Mikhail-Arkhangel, Koza, Gorushka