Learn all about the history of bells.. Learn how Christmas toys are made.. Come to see P.I. Tchaikovsky.. Walk on Tver. See the natural beauty of Valday and swim in the lake..

Journey to the Valdai region with children

The Valdai land is perhaps one of the most picturesque areas of the middle belt of Russia. Local areas are buried with picturesque ponds and thick green forests. This is a favourite place for recreation and everyone will find entertainment here: bathhouse, fishing, cycling, wakeboarding and much more. In addition, it is one of the oldest regions where trade and handicrafts were born centuries ago, the surrounding towns and settlements are imbued with centuries-old history. Your family will love this route as it includes several thematic museums, famous estates, historical sites and natural sites.

Journey to the Valdai region with children

6 days itinerary by Darina Frantz - Families with Kids - Car, 5 Hotels

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Day 1: Abramtsevo Estate, creative master class, toy house and much more.

The first day of the trip, like a brisk start, will fill you with vivid emotions and give a wonderful feeling of rest. You will paint in the manor house, take whimsical pictures with toys and admire the beauty of architecture.
Visiting: Kurovo, Abramtsevo, Sergiyev Posad, Dmitrov, Taganskiy

Day 2: Escape from civilization

In the first half of the day you will visit the city of Klin and such interesting places as: the Museum of Christmas Toy, which was opened at the factory for glass blowing and the legendary house-museum of PI Tchaikovsky. In the afternoon you will break away from civilization and get into a real forest fairy tale.
Visiting: Fedorovskoye, Kurovo, Klin, Konakovo, Zavidovo

Day 3: Welcome to Tver!

The journey continues, and today it will be dedicated to acquaintance with the city of Tver. The age of the city is at least from the end of XII century, the first mention in the chronicles around 1208-1209. For centuries, the city has experienced ups and downs, complete destruction and revival, but still survived and continues to thrive. Tver is located on the Upper Volga, at the confluence of the rivers Tvertsa and Tmaka, in the forest zone.
Visiting: Bologoye, Fedorovskoye, Tver', Vyshniy Volochek, Gornyak, Pervomayskiy

Day 4: Majestic Valdai

Valdai is an amazingly beautiful place between Moscow and St. Petersburg. Here, on the shore of a large forest lake Valdayskoye is located the ancient town of Valday with its picturesque surroundings. Feel the peace and quiet, forget about the crowded places, city traffic and noise of the city. It's time to relax and enjoy the splendour of nature.
Visiting: Bologoye, Valday, Vyshniy Volochek, Strugi

Day 5: Seliger

Seliger is a magical lake country and a popular resort. Seliger is usually called a lake, but in reality it is a grand hydrosystem made up of endless blue pluses and small bodies of water, rivers, large and miniature islands connected by straits and canals. Travelers go to these regions, similar to illustrations of Russian fairy tales, to relax in the bosom of wondrous nature, to see curious historical sights, to visit holy places associated with the names of famous ascetics.
Visiting: Pul'nikovo, Vyshniy Volochek, Timofeyevo, Svetlitsa, Ostashkov

Day 6: The road home through Volokolamsk and Istra

And here comes the final day of the journey. On the way home you'll have to look into Volokolamsk and admire its ancient Kremlin. In front of you will be a memorial to the heroes of Panfilov. In Istra you will find a contact zoo where you can feed, pet and embrace animals.
Visiting: Pul'nikovo, Taganskiy, Volokolamsk, Bulanino, Pokrovskoye-Zasekino, Kryuchkov, Darna, Petelino