Museum of Mining Glory. Museum of Local Lore in Prokopievsk. Cholkoi Historical and Ethnographic Museum. Temple of the Apostles Peter and Paul in Salaire.

Journey to Teleutas and Miners

In this trip you will learn how the miners live and work, see a real spacecraft "Soyuz" and visit one of the oldest temples of Kuzbass.

Journey to Teleutas and Miners

1 day itinerary by Александра Нуркаева - Staycation, History and Culture -

Road Trip Categories: Staycation, History and Culture

Day 1: History of a small Siberian people and a tour of a mine

Feel like a real miner at the Museum of Mining Fame, take a peek at the yurt of the Nomadic Teleut and admire the beautiful temple in Salaire.
Visiting: Novokuznetsk, Safonovo, Salair, Leninsk-Kuznetsky, Glukhovka, Bekovo, Gur'yevsk, Aerodromnyy