Visit Melikhovo Estate.. Try the best soups in Chekhov. Learn new facts about A.S. Pushkin..

Journey to Chekhov and Melikhovo

There are many places in the Moscow region that can be reached in less than one and a half hours. For example, the estate in Melikhovo, where Russian writer Anton Chekhov lived and worked, or the city of Chekhov, where the museum estate "Lopasnya-Zachatayevskoe" is located. On this trip we will visit not only these places, but also other, no less interesting ones. **Join us!

Journey to Chekhov and Melikhovo

1 day itinerary by Xena Fedchenkova - History and Culture, Staycation -

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture, Staycation

Day 1: To visit Pushkin and Chekhov.

Today we will visit the estate of A.P. Chekhov in Melikhovo, after which we will go to the city of Chekhov. There we'll learn all about the house where A.S. Pushkin was.
Visiting: Chekhov, Moscow, Melikhovo, Lyubuchany, Sel'khoztekhnika