Surf. Play golf. Learn the history of the Don Cossacks. Walk in the ginkgo park.

Journey through the Don lands

In this trip you will see the main historical places and picturesque corners of the Lower Don and learn about ancient legends of the Don Cossacks. The trip through five cities will reveal the beauty of the Rostov region, surprise, puzzle, but definitely will be remembered and immersed in the local color. You'll have an opportunity to explore the famous Alexandrovsky forest, go surfing, play golf on the picturesque Donskoy plain and explore the military historical complex. Take the most comfortable clothes with you, and on your way! ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!

Journey through the Don lands

4 days itinerary by #бесценныемаршруты - Sport and Leisure - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Sport and Leisure

Day 1: Rostov pearls

On the first day of the trip you will get acquainted with two chamber cities of Rostov region - Bataysky and Azov. You will also take a swim in the Blue lakes, organize competitions on karting and meet the sunset on the Taganrog bay. Take with you a great mood, and on the way!
Visiting: Azov, Ust'-Koysug, Bataysk, Koysug, Ovoshchnoy, Rostov-na-Donu

Day 2: Going deep into the forest and cutting through the waves

Today will be full of activity among natural beauties of Rostov region. In the first half of the day you will get acquainted with the amazing Alexander's forest and go through a tourist trail, perhaps even meet animals living here. The second half of the day will be more extreme, you can try your hand at the crest of a wave, surfing or just sunbathe and swim in such a chic place.
Visiting: Ust'-Koysug, Pervogo Maya, Peshkovo, Sotsialisticheskiye Vskhody, Azov

Day 3: Legend of the Cossack Don

Today you will get acquainted with the first station of the Don Cossacks - Starocherkasskaya. She remembers both rebellious uprisings and valiant military campaigns, remembers the fires of fires and devastating floods of rivers. But despite all the trials, she carefully keeps her history - the history of the free people, the history of the Cossacks. About 100 monuments of culture, history and architecture have been preserved here. On the last Sunday of every summer month one of the most famous folklore holidays of the Rostov region "No Quiet Don!
Visiting: Ust'-Koysug, Novocherkassk, Starocherkasskaya

Day 4: Exploring the countryside

Today you will get acquainted with the big city of the region - Novocherkassk. Here lived the elite of Cossacks: atamans, officers, officials. After the events of 1917. Novocherkassk was involved in the struggle of Cossacks for their sovereignty, which ended with mass emigration of Cossacks abroad. In the afternoon you will reach the city of Aksai, where a large military historical complex is located in the open air.
Visiting: Ust'-Koysug, Novocherkassk, Rostov-na-Donu, Aksay