Journey into the World of Art, Creativity and History of Stavropol – Day 2: Acquaintance with the history of Stavropol

Today we will get acquainted with the history of Stavropol: we will visit the Stavropol State Museum of Local Lore, which is one of the oldest museums of the entire North Caucasus, we will visit the memorial "Cold Spring", which is dedicated to the victims of the Civil and Great Patriotic War, we will visit the multimedia park "Russia - My History", as well as visit the monument to V.S. Vysotsky.
Journey into the World of Art, Creativity and History of Stavropol

Trip duration: 2 days

Ann Mikhaylova

Volkswagen Polo

èpi French Bakery


The next day of our trip we will start with breakfast at Epi French Bakery, where you can enjoy fresh baked goods, profiteroles and a cup of delicious coffee.

Ставропольский государственный музей-заповедник им. Г. Н. Прозрителева и Г. К. Праве

History Museums

We will continue our acquaintance with the culture and history of Stavropol at the Stavropol State Museum of Local Lore, which is almost the oldest museum of the entire North Caucasus. Here you will find several halls with different themes: nature, archaeology, ethnography, history and temporary exhibition halls. In the museum's collection there are skeletons of many animals, various artifacts from the time of primitive man, household items of the first inhabitants of Stavropol and many other things. If you wish, you can also use the services of a guide at a very symbolic price.

Мемориал холодный родник


Then we will go to the historical memorial "Cold Spring", which is dedicated to the memory of the dead inhabitants of Stavropol during the Civil and Great Patriotic War. In addition to the memorial itself, there are also five mass graves of fallen soldiers in the Great Patriotic War, red partisans who died during the Civil War, young patriots, victims of white terror, as well as patriots killed by the Nazis. To this day, it is a memorable and important place for the people of Stavropol, where they lay flowers every year.


Restaurants, Coffee Shops

We'll go to Baton for lunch. Facility's interior is made in pleasant and discreet shades, small details in the form of paintings, openwork lamps, interesting statuettes and even books can be seen everywhere, which creates an incredibly cozy atmosphere. Here you can taste Asian cuisine, traditional Russian dishes, many kinds of pasta and a great variety of fine desserts.

Russia - Is my history (Россия - Моя история)

History Museums

After that we will visit the multimedia park "Russia - My History", the main purpose of which is to present the history of our state without any evaluation judgment. All expositions here are equipped with the latest technology: interactive panels, 3D technology, tablets and much more! There is also an exhibition dedicated to the history of the Stavropol Territory itself, where you can learn a lot about important dates, events and personalities in the history of this city.

Памятник Владимиру Высоцкому

Monuments / Landmarks

On the way back we will go to Armavir, where we will visit the monument to Vysotsky. The sculpture was created by Honored Artist and Sculptor of Russia Alexander Apolonov as part of the Alley of Russian Glory project, and later was donated to the city. Now it is a real decoration of the city!


Pizza Places

Next we'll stop by for dinner at Sicily's pizza place. The atmosphere here is completely home, the staff is always hospitable, and the menu includes a large selection of European and Asian dishes. Also you can try any large pizza one slice at a time, so you can try not one but several flavors at once!