Journey into the World of Art, Creativity and History of Stavropol – Day 1: An art immersion and an evening stroll

Today we will visit the Holy Ascension Church, visit the Museum of Fine Arts in Stavropol, get acquainted with the work of Russian artist P.M. Grechishkin, visit the monument to M.Yu. Lermontov, walk in the Theatre Square and finish the evening with a dinner in an Italian restaurant.
Journey into the World of Art, Creativity and History of Stavropol

Trip duration: 2 days

Ann Mikhaylova

Свято-Вознесенский храм

Historic Sites

On our way to Stavropol we will visit the city of Kurganinsk, where we will visit the Holy Ascension Church. The construction of the temple was laid back in 1906, and for its painting were invited the best painters and even students VM Vasnetsov. In the 30s the temple was desecrated and served as a granary for a while, but soon the activity of the temple was resumed. And in 2000 a library was also opened here, which has already more than 4 thousand books! Today it is one of the most important cultural monuments and spiritual centers in Kurganinsk.



Next, we'll have lunch at the restaurant "Petrovich". There is a pleasant interior, cozy atmosphere, and the restaurant menu offers a wide variety of dishes of Russian and European cuisine. Special attention should be paid to meat and fish dishes of the restaurant, which amaze all guests with their exquisite taste!

Central Inn Conference Hotel

Музей изобразительных искусств

Art Museums

The next place we will go is the Museum of Fine Arts in Stavropol. The museum was once founded in 1961 on the initiative of a group of local artists. Now the museum has a huge collection of paintings, graphics and applied arts. Here you can enjoy the beauty of paintings by I.K. Aivazovsky, I.I. Levitan, V.V. Vereshchagin, A.I. Kuindzhi, unique items of decorative and applied art and sculptures of famous masters!

Галерея Гречишкина

Art Galleries

Then we will go to the Gallery of Grechishkin, Honored Artist of Russia. The Gallery itself was opened not so long ago, just 33 years ago, when the artist decided to present a collection of all his paintings to the city. The main genre of paintings by P.M. Grechishkin is landscape. On his paintings you can see the incredible natural beauty of those parts of the Earth where the artist himself once visited. And it is not only steppes of Stavropol, but also majestic mountains of Caucasus, Baikal and incredible color of India, Nepal and Egypt! The gallery is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Памятник Лермонтову

Monuments / Landmarks

After a few hours of traveling through the world of art, it would be nice to take a walk. For example, to the monument to M.Y. Lermontov, which is very close, in the Theatre Square. The monument was erected here for a reason, because once Mikhail Yurievich really liked to be here himself.



We will conclude today's cultural program with an evening stroll through Theatre Square, which is a favorite place for walks and recreation for locals. Despite the fact that the park is located in the center of the city, here you can really relax from the bustle of the city, walk along the shady alleys and enjoy the beauty of the plants growing here, which is why the park has a second name - "Small Botanical Garden".


Italian Restaurants

After the walk we will go to the Italian restaurant "Peperoni" for dinner. In the menu you will find a lot of dishes cooked according to original home recipes of Italy: a large selection of pizza and pasta, dishes from fresh seafood, several varieties of cheese and delicious desserts. The restaurant has a pleasant interior in warm shades, cozy dim light and the same atmosphere that disposes to hearty conversations.