Study an ancient New Romanov writer.. Visit the creative laboratory of ART Propaganda.. To evaluate the monument of a steam locomotive in Taiga.. Stroll through the city-museum Mariinsku. See the dinosaur excavation site. Take pictures of monuments to Siberian railway workers and miners.

Journey into the history of Kuzbass

In this trip you can see ancient rock paintings of the 5th century BC, visit the "Motherland of Dinosaurs" and see the work of paleontologists, touch the modern art of Kuzbass, as well as walk through a unique city-museum with a huge number of architectural monuments! Photo author: [Ivan Robertovich Tomashkevich](Мариинск_Томской_губ_Общий_вид.jpg)

Journey into the history of Kuzbass

2 days itinerary by Александра Нуркаева - History and Culture -

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: Siberian steam locomotives and Kuzbass art

Ancient rock paintings, modern Kuzbass artists and old steam locomotives are waiting for you.
Visiting: Put' Novoy Zhizni, Staraya Yurga, Tayga, Izhmorskiy, Novoromanovo, Mariinsk, Solnechnyy, Polomoshnoye, Kemerovo

Day 2: Kuzbass Motherland of Dinosaurs and the City Museum of Mariinsk

Get acquainted with the paleontological complex "Shestakovsky", where dinosaur skeletons are still found, and take a walk in the county town of Mariinsku with its stunning historical buildings of the 19th century!
Visiting: Kemerovo, Mariinsk, Promyshlennovskiy, Shestakovo, Novokazanka, Put' Novoy Zhizni, Baim, Verkh-Chebula