Irkutsk and myths and legends of the fairytale Baikal – Day 5: Returning to Irkutsk

Our journey is coming to an end. If you have time before your flight, take a walk along the Angara River embankment again and take your best photos!
Irkutsk and myths and legends of the fairytale BaikalIrkutsk and myths and legends of the fairytale BaikalIrkutsk and myths and legends of the fairytale BaikalIrkutsk and myths and legends of the fairytale BaikalIrkutsk and myths and legends of the fairytale BaikalIrkutsk and myths and legends of the fairytale BaikalIrkutsk and myths and legends of the fairytale Baikal
Travel distance by car: 56 km.Travel distance on foot: 4 km.Visiting: Khuzhir, Kurma

Trip duration: 7 days

Viktoria Afanaseva

Baikal View Cafe


The name of the cafe already tells us that the view of the Baikal will be great! It is located on a hill, and on the left you can see Mount Shamanka. Even in the coldest weather you can sit not only inside, but also outside. You'll be warmed by the best coffee and tea. You can sit outside and inside. Tourists often try a variety of desserts here - the sea! You can also try Fo-Bo soup, different pizza, yak roast.

Мыс Бурхан, скала Шаманка


The main place to see is one of the nine shrines of Asia - the rock Shamanka or Stone Temple. This rock is a sacred place among the locals and indigenous peoples of North Asia in general. It was a custom here that ordinary people were not allowed to live near Shamanka, and women and children could not come close to this mighty place not to piss off the gods. Olkhon was considered a place where evil spirits always lived. According to ancient legends, the lord of the island of Olkhona, Ejin or Burhan, lived in the cave of the Shamanka rock. Near the cave on the rocks there are ancient artifacts in the form of Tibetan graffiti. There are tambourines on the marble rock. Important: this place is perfect for visiting in winter. In summer, there are queues of jeeps here, and they are located all over the island, which distracts from the admiration of the surroundings.

Вершина скалы Шаманка


Cape Burkhan, where the Shaman Rock is located, has the status of a state natural and historical monument and is located on the territory of the Baikal National Park, which is fenced with carved columns depicted in the picture. Mystical poles. Looking at them like you're feeling something magical. Each column has its own symbol and purpose, so before you tie a ribbon on one of them, you need to carefully study this place.

Khoboy Cape (Мыс Хобой)


Cape Hoboi is the northernmost point of Olkhon. If you look closely, the rock looks like a fang, but on the other hand you can see the profile of a woman in it. One of the legends says that once the gods punished the proud and jealous Buryat and turned it into stone. Here you can hear the echo from the monolithic wall. The view from Hoboi is no less beautiful! You'll see the gradient of the purest sky and frozen water of the Baikal. In good sunny weather, you'll be lucky enough to see the ears of the islands.

Арт-кафе на Ольхоне


Another cozy and homely place on Olkhon Island. Very nice atmosphere. There are national Buryat dishes, a lot of desserts and cocktails. Tourists recommend minced meat buoys, chebureks, fish soups. There are wi-fi and places on the street.

остров Огой


Ogoi Island is the largest island in the Little Sea, which is 3 kilometers long. In 2005, the Buddhist Stupa, called the Stupa of Enlightenment, was established here. Ogoy Island is another place of power with rabid energy. When you come to this island, be sure to go around the stupa 3 times and make a wish! There's a belief it'll come true. Various Buddhist relics and a bronze statuette of Troma Nagmo's Dakini (considered in Tibetan Buddhism the mother of all Buddhas) are enclosed in the stupa. Stupa represents the main goal of Buddhism - understanding your mind, full of Enlightenment. Buddhist stupas save people from hardships in life, negative emotions.

Пляж (Сарайский залив)


Another picturesque place on the island is the beach "Sarai Bay". In winter this place becomes much more atmospheric due to the palette of colors. Baikal ice (especially from afar) resembles marble. Walk along the beach and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Кудесница / Kudesnitca

Vegetarian / Vegan Restaurants

Despite the fact that the restaurant "Kudesnitsa" is considered to be vegetarian, it has both meat and fish dishes. Tourists choose fish meatballs, roasted dogs and taiga tea. The cafe is open from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.