Irkutsk and myths and legends of the fairytale Baikal – Day 4: Climbing Chersky Peak and the road to Olkhon Island

Today we have a long way to go to one of the most picturesque places - Olkhon Island. Before departure you will climb the Cherskiy Peak, a mountain that offers an incredibly amazing view of the mountains, slopes and lakes. The route through the villages will last for several hours, but even there will be a couple of unusual monuments with their history. If you want to get to your destination a little faster, you can go along the only route on the frozen Baikal.
Irkutsk and myths and legends of the fairytale Baikal
Travel distance by car: 229 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Khuzhir, Listvyanka, Molodezhnyy, Kulara, Irkutsk, Imikhse-Buz

Trip duration: 7 days

Viktoria Afanaseva

Ресторан «Маяк»


Breakfast at the Lighthouse Restaurant. Tourists like salad with spicy beetroot, ear, fish baked in parchment, "lingonberry with pine nuts and honey" dessert. The windows overlook Baikal, so the view from there will be unique.

Пик Черского


The trip to Cherskiy Peak is one of the most famous hiking trails on Baikal. Getting to the mountain is not too difficult, but in some places there are steep ascents and descents, but there are also wooden paths and bridges. The view from the top over Baikal and the mountains is stunning. There's another treasure there, Lake Heart. As soon as you arrive in Slyudyanka, you can leave your car near the base of the Ministry of Emergency Situations or near the hotel "Silver Spring". It's when you start climbing the mountain. Cherskiy Peak and named after the explorer Ivan Cherskiy Baikal.


Grocery Stores

On the way you can see a fairly large number of shopping malls. We offer to stay in one of them - Slata - and buy all the necessary things and products.

Этнопарк "Золотая Орда"

Asian Restaurants

The Golden Horde Ethnopark is an ethnographic complex that will introduce you to the Buryat people, their customs and traditions. There is a fine national cuisine restaurant here, where you can stop on the way to Olkhon Island.



Historic Sites

The Eagle Monument is a sculpture of an eagle made of bronze and weighs almost 4 tons. Under the paws of the eagle you can see bells that ring in the wind, which makes the monument mystical and makes it a real shamanic totem. This monument was invented by the mayor of Olkhonsky district Sergey Kopylov. He took the eagle as the basis, because for thousands of years the people of the steppe have been honoring this mighty bird, and it is also the symbol of Olkhon.

памятник Бродяге

Outdoor Sculptures

When you go up to the ice crossing of Olkhon Island, you will see a monument dedicated to the Transbaikal tramp. The monument is four meters high and stands on a small hill and is made of bronze. The traveller's posture is an act of looking for his home. Together with the monument you can see the Olkhonskie Vorota (Olkhon Gate) Strait and the Small Sea of Baikal.



And here we are on Olkhon Island! A long trip should be completed in a nice place for dinner. Thematic interior of the cafe "Baikalochka" pleases the eye, and the most delicious dishes here are the ear and fried omulus under the fur coat.