Irkutsk and myths and legends of the fairytale Baikal – Day 2: The most interesting places in Irkutsk in one day

Today, you'll walk through the city's spacious streets, admire the exquisitely designed sights around you, and visit museums and exhibitions. You also have the opportunity to visit the famous Irkutsk Drama Theatre and even listen to the organ!
Irkutsk and myths and legends of the fairytale Baikal
Travel distance by car: 13 km.Travel distance on foot: 9 km.Visiting: Irkutsk

Trip duration: 7 days

Viktoria Afanaseva

Smorodina Cafe


The best morning in Irkutsk is a breakfast on the Angara River embankment in a cozy cafe. Tourists note the helpful and polite staff, calmness and, of course, excellent dishes in the breakfast menu. Cards are accepted. From Monday to Friday the cafe is open from 7 a.m. to midnight, and on Friday and Saturday later from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Нижняя набережная

Pedestrian Plazas

The Lower Quay is one of the most popular places both among tourists and locals. From different sides of the embankment there are picturesque views of the Orthodox cathedrals, sculptures and temples. The Angara River never freezes here, so it is beautiful at any time of year. You can see local fishermen both in summer and winter. The embankment is constantly changing, with new parks, sculptures and recreation areas appearing.

Памятник основателям Иркутска (Яков Похабов)

Monuments / Landmarks

The monument to Yakov Pokhabov was erected for the 350th anniversary of Irkutsk. A Cossack figure from Yeniseysk looks at Angara, and next to it one can see the Moscow Gate and the Cathedral of the Epiphany. The appearance of a pioneer is exclusively the creation of an artist. This bronze sculpture was first built in honor of all the founders of the city, but then renamed in memory of a particular pioneer. The monument is one of the biggest in the city.

Kirov Square (Сквер им. Кирова)


This is the main square of Irkutsk. In winter, there is a huge Christmas tree for the New Year and an ice camp. The place is perfect for a leisurely stroll and a sightseeing tour.

Галерея Бронштейна

Art Galleries

The Victor Bronstein Gallery is a private art gallery. There is a permanent exhibition of ethnic sculptures and works by famous Baikal artists. The peculiarity of the gallery is the frequent change of collection, so you can always discover something new here, for example, pictures of young photographers. The gallery itself is stylish and tasteful. Tourists like to take pictures of space. There is a small shop with unusual souvenirs (in addition to classic magnets and postcards), such as baikal jewelry, ceramics, books. There's a local restaurant.

Музей истории г. Иркутска

History Museums

The museum is located in a very attractive building built for A.M. Sibiryakov and named after him. An interesting exposition related to the First World War and changing collections.

ресторанчик "Кинза"


Kinza is a Georgian restaurant. Cozy atmosphere and unobtrusive national music, so you can spend time with your family or company. Visitors note Oltenkus salad made of veal, cucumbers and eggplants in sauce, khinkali, salmon and chicken shashlik and, of course, khachapuri boat in Ajara. There's an assortment of wine and cocktails. You can book a table in advance. Little Georgia in Irkutsk :)

Органный зал, Иркутская областная филармония

Concert Halls

Be sure to visit the organ hall in the Irkutsk Regional Philharmonic and listen to the sounds of the organ. You will feel a powerful emotional impact thanks to this magical music. And the architecture of the Catholic church is just a matter of keeping an eye on it!

Иркутский академический драматический театр им. Н.П. Охлопкова (Драмтеатр)


The next no less attractive attraction is the Okhlopkov Drama Theatre. The architecture of the theatre is very fascinating, preserved from the moment of construction. The new finish doesn't spoil the beauty, it gives it charm. Buy tickets in advance to get to the performance you are interested in.

Московские ворота

Monuments / Landmarks

After visiting the theatre, we walk around the city again and reach the Moscow Gate - a kind of arch. There is a belief that if you go under this arch, then any desire will come true.


American Restaurants

We're finishing up with dinner at the Senator Restaurant. Choice of cuisine: Russian, Japanese, European. Big hall, besides tables, there are halls with sofas. Nice staff. Visitors recommend carbonara pasta, Caesar salad, scallops, cheesecake, Furuzu's dessert, roora agae. The restaurant is open from 12:00 to 12:00 a.m.

Sovetskaya Themed Hotel