Imagine yourself a pupil of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum.. To be photographed in a thoughtful pose at the monument to lyceumist Alexander Pushkin.. To estimate the scale of A.S. Pushkin's dacha.. Visit Arina Rodionovna's nanny and the station supervisor.. Take a walk to the place of Pushkin's exile. Find out where Sergei Dovlatov spent his 1977 vacation.. After walking along Tatyana's alley, relax on Onegin's bench.. To dream of his hut on Savkinaya Hill, as Alexander Sergeyevich once dreamed of it here.. .

In Pushkin places from St. Petersburg.

A route for loyal admirers of Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin and for those who plan to become them. We will begin with a visit to the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum and the poet's summer cottage in the city of Pushkin. We will smoothly move to Pskov, visiting the nanny and station supervisor on the way. The culmination of our trip will be the Pushkin Mountains, with which so much connected our favorite poet.

In Pushkin places from St. Petersburg.

3 days itinerary by Alina Maslova - Families with Kids, History and Culture, Free Routes - Car, 2 Hotels

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Day 1: From Tsarskoye Selo to Pskov.

The first thing we'll do is go to the town of Pushkin. We will visit the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum, where young Alexander spent 6 years, and at the dacha to which the poet brought his wife shortly after the wedding. On the way to Pskov we will look into the house of Arina Rodionovna's nanny and the house of the station keeper, created on the basis of the work of the same name by A.S. Pushkin.
Visiting: Pskov, Pushkin, Vyra, Zapesen'ye, Kobrino, Centralniy, Tolmachevo

Day 2: Pushkin Mountains: Exile, Dovlatov and Monastery

We're on our way to the Pushkin Mountains. Let's start the day surrounded by the Great and Pskov Kremlin rivers. Then we will smoothly move to the Mikhailovskoye estate, where Alexander Pushkin was exiled for two years. We will not leave without attention a modest house in the village of Beryozino, where Dovlatov lived his summer 1977. In conclusion, we will visit the Svyatogorsk monastery and the grave of Pushkin.
Visiting: Pushkinskiye Gory, Pskov, Altun, Ostrov

Day 3: "The Larin House" and the surrounding area.

The final day of our trip will be spent in the Pushkin Mountains. We will be the guests of "Larin's House", we will see local landscapes from the height of Savkina Hill, we will visit a mill in Bugrovo, repeatedly mentioned by Alexander Sergeyevich in his works. We will have lunch in Pskov and go back to St. Petersburg.
Visiting: Pushkinskiye Gory, Centralniy, Pskov, Pulkovo2, Bugrovo, Gorodets, Voronich, Rozhdestveno, Dedovtsy