In Pushkin places from St. Petersburg. – Day 3: "The Larin House" and the surrounding area.

The final day of our trip will be spent in the Pushkin Mountains. We will be the guests of "Larin's House", we will see local landscapes from the height of Savkina Hill, we will visit a mill in Bugrovo, repeatedly mentioned by Alexander Sergeyevich in his works. We will have lunch in Pskov and go back to St. Petersburg.
In Pushkin places from St. Petersburg.
Travel distance by car: 437 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Pushkinskiye Gory, Centralniy, Pskov, Pulkovo2, Bugrovo, Gorodets, Voronich, Rozhdestveno, Dedovtsy

Trip duration: 3 days

Alina Maslova

SPA-Usadba Trigorskaya1

We have a delicious breakfast and run out on a new date with the Pushkin Mountains.

Музей-усадьба «Тригорское»


Today we will visit "Larinykh's house" in Trigorskoye, which is next to Mikhailovsky estate. The estate belonged to the Osipov-Wolf family, with whom Pushkin was very friendly. Alexander Sergeyevich spent a lot of time here during his exile, which was reflected in "Eugene Onegin. There is a familiar house, a bench of Onegin, and Tatiana's alley. So it seems that landscapes and objects came off the pages of everyone's favorite work. Important: the museum is closed on Mondays and the last Tuesday of each month.



Let's climb the Savkin Hill and solemnly look at Sorot River, Lake Kuchane, Mikhailovskoe Estate. At one time, Alexander Sergeyevich sincerely wanted to get a piece of this land to "build a hut there and spend a few months of the year near good old friends. But, alas, A.M. Vyndomsky, who owned Savkino, was also greedy for these beauties.

Водяная мельница

Other Great Outdoors

The same dilapidated mill in the village of Pskov, to which Pushkin liked to run, and then Lensky in "Eugene Onegin".

Ресторан отеля "Покровский"

Modern European Restaurants

We're going back on the road. On the way to St. Petersburg we will stop in Pskov for lunch. The menu of the restaurant "Pokrovsky" offers familiar to all of us dishes in a modern interpretation. At lunch time, in addition to dishes from the main menu you can order a business lunch. In the main menu we recommend you to pay attention to Pskov's perches, tender cutlets made of chudska pike, veal cheeks.

Часовня святого преподобномученика Трифона Городецкого


We will stop at the village of Gorodets, near the wooden chapel of Trifon Gorodetsky, the Wonderworker of Luga, who died at the hands of Lithuanians in the late 16th century. This is where his relics rest. The water from the local spring is considered healing.

Дом Набокова

Historic Sites

Let's stop by the V.V. estate for a moment. Nabokov's estate, whose creative development and maturation was largely influenced by Alexander Pushkin. Even in his latest novel "The Gift" Vladimir has repeatedly addressed the personality of Alexander Sergeyevich.


Scandinavian Restaurants

We will finish our journey through Pushkin's places in the restaurant of new northern cuisine. We will discuss impressions, slowly watching the process of cooking gourmet dishes in the open kitchen. Note the tasting sets of 7 and 13 dish changes. Such author's combinations you have never seen anywhere else!