Grand Gatchina Palace. Priory Palace. Pavlovsky Palace. Dudengof Heights.

History of Palaces of the Leningrad Region

St. Petersburg is a city that is rich not only in its history, but also in cultural and architectural attractions. However, the suburbs of the city may serve as a source of even more inspiration. Special attention should be paid to the palaces, many of which were built as far back as the XVIII century by the royal family, which is where we will get acquainted with this journey.

History of Palaces of the Leningrad Region

1 day itinerary by Ann Mikhaylova - Staycation, History and Culture -

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Day 1: 18th century palaces and the Dudengof Heights

Today we will plunge into the atmosphere of the XVIII century, visiting some of the main palaces of the Leningrad region, as well as visit the highest point of St. Petersburg.
Visiting: Saint Petersburg, Gatchina, Pavlovsk, Pulkovo2, Tyarlevo