History of Lake Ladoga and the Volkhov River coasts – Day 2: Leningrad region lakes

The second day of the trip will begin at the mouth of the Volkhov River. Enjoy the beauty of this place and go towards adventure. Today the plan is to visit the historical places that keep the secrets of Northern Russia of the IX - XVI centuries. In addition, you'll spend enough time in nature and even ride a motorcycle.
History of Lake Ladoga and the Volkhov River coasts
Travel distance by car: 143 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Novaya Ladoga, Staraya Ladoga, Koltushi, Centralniy

Trip duration: 2 days

Darina Frantz

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Собор Николая Чудотворца


Admire the most valuable monument of the New Ladoga on the bank of the Volkhov River. This Cathedral reflects the features of medieval architecture of the XV and early XVI centuries and goes back many centuries.

Курганы Вещего Олега

Historic Sites

Picturesque historical place, from the hills overlooking the Volkhov River. It is said to be the burial place of Prophetic Oleg. If you reach the very bank of the Volkhov River, you can find another interesting place - Tanechkin Cave.

Old Ladoga castle (Староладожская крепость)


Be sure to visit the Museum Reserve dedicated to the history of Northern Russia. There is a preserved temple where the young Alexander Nevsky blessed his sword for battle, a majestic panorama with pre-Christian burial hills, pre-Mongolian temples and monastic ensembles. It is possible to take an excursion with the local guide.

Старая ладога

Buffets, Russian Restaurants

It's time for dinner in the real and cozy Russian hut. Big portions and good mood will be provided for you!

Drive Park


This park has many kinds of motorbikes: ATVs, buggies, zorbas and even snowmobiles! There is also the possibility of horseback riding. Choose what your heart desires and ride in the breeze.

Ресторан «Вента»


This restaurant of Russian cuisine is in a peaceful place, with views of natural landscapes and equestrian club.