Take a picture of the Church in the name of the Intercession of the Holy Virgin. . Take a ride on the three at Maryino Manor. . Find the monument to Arina Rodionovna. . Visit the house of the Station Guardian . Find Demidov's abandoned estate. . . .

History and Secrets of Forest Lands in the Leningrad Region

Dense forests of the Leningrad region keep a lot of secrets and stories that have happened here over the centuries. On this journey you will learn only a small part of them. You will visit the current and already abandoned estates, touch the history of the A.S. Pushkin family in the Suida estate of the same name, visit his nanny Arina Rodionovna, remember the history of the station keeper, meet the sunset at the famous Dudrgof heights. This journey is not only fascinating, but cognitive in every sense. Have a good trip! ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!

History and Secrets of Forest Lands in the Leningrad Region

2 days itinerary by #бесценныемаршруты - Families with Kids - 1 Hotel

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Day 1: Leaving for the woods in the middle of nowhere.

Today you're going to go to the woods and get a little lost. The first stop on the way is the church in the name of the Protection of the Holy Virgin. You will also have to get acquainted with the famous Museum of Forestry, which actively shapes the ecological thinking of its followers and visitors. Be sure to drive to Maryino Estate, where you can not only plunge into history, but also spend time very actively.
Visiting: Bol'shiye Kolpany, Metallostroy, Andrianovo, Vyritsa, Tosno, Lisino-Korpus, Saint Petersburg

Day 2: Forest Legends

The journey continues, and the second day will be no less intense. The first half of the day will be devoted to the history of A.S. Pushkin's family. You will visit the A.P. Hannibal's museum-estate "Suida", visit the House of Nanny Pushkin and remember the story of the same name "Station Watchman" by Alexander Pushkin in the museum. You will meet the sunset on the Duderhof Heights and find the abandoned estate of the Demidov family.
Visiting: Bol'shiye Kolpany, Saint Petersburg, Vyra, Centralniy, Kobrino, Suyda, Taytsy, Voskresenskoye