Historical heritage of the Leningrad region – Day 3: Maryino Estate and Tsarskoye Selo

If the first day of travel we plunged into the atmosphere of ancient Russia, today we will be imbued with the spirit of the Russian aristocracy of the XVIII-XIX centuries, because we go to the estate Maryino, once belonged to Princes Golitsyn, and then - to the Tsarskoe village.
Historical heritage of the Leningrad region
Travel distance by car: 106 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Tosno, Kupchino, Pushkin, Andrianovo

Trip duration: 3 days

Egor Zhuravlev


We did not look for a cafe for breakfast, decided to buy baked goods and coffee and go straight to the estate Maryino. The local bakery has been open since 8 a.m., everything, as they say, is fresh and crisp with heat and dust, buns and croissants!

Усадьба Марьино

Historic Sites

Maryino is a restored estate of the counts Stroganov and Golitsyn princes, a luxurious estate surrounded by a very beautiful park in the English style. Entrance to the territory is paid, but a visit is inexpensive. In Maryino, of course, if you want, you can spend at least the whole day: walk, ride a horse, visit a mini-farm. There are even gypsies with a bear here!

Tsarskoye Selo Museum-Preserve (Государственный музей-заповедник «Царское Село»)

Historic Sites

One of the most important tourist objects in the entire Leningrad region can safely be called the State Museum Reserve "Tsarskoe Selo". Its history dates back to the beginning of the eighteenth century, when the first buildings were built here. One of the best creations of classicism - the Alexander Palace - can be seen here, and there are also more than a hundred other architectural monuments.


Italian Restaurants

In Tsarskoye Selo there are many places to eat, from small coffee shops to luxurious restaurants. We decided to spend time in a luxurious Swiss atmosphere, so we chose the restaurant of Italian cuisine "Danielle". It's delicious, beautiful, atmospheric.

Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum (Царскосельский лицей)

History Museums

Another most important architectural monument in the city is the Imperial Lyceum of Tsarskoye Selo. It was here that the great Russian poet and writer Alexander Pushkin once studied. The current expositions, based on many archive documents, tell us about outstanding people who once studied here, about the realities of that time, as well as about the contribution to the future made by its graduates.