Learn the history of the silver smelter. Soak up the atmosphere of a small Rebriha museum. Get to know a part of the ancient sea. Drive across the isthmus between two lakes. To visit the Demidov Museum of Mining History.. To see where the famous Kalashnikov rifle maker was born.... To visit a museum at the foot of the Altai Mountains.

Historical Altai Territory

The journey goes southwest of Barnaul and lasts two days. The route runs through many small interesting villages and towns in the Altai region, which keep the history of the region and people who have made a significant contribution to its development. You will visit the A. Mining Museum. Demidov - the founder of the mining industry in the Altai region, who earned the title of state councilor, as well as the museum of Soviet gun designer Mikhail Kalashnikov, who designed the famous automatic rifle. In addition, on the way you will find incredibly beautiful natural locations. Don't forget to dress up warmly and take food and drinks with you.

Historical Altai Territory

2 days itinerary by Anna Arkhipova - Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture - 1 Hotel

Road Trip Categories: Uninhabited Nature, History and Culture

Day 1: Through the lakes

Our short journey passes through the villages of Pavlovsk and Rebrikha, which keep the history of their regions. Then we will go to the ancient lake Gorky, as well as drive between two lakes, which used to be one whole.
Visiting: Rubtsovsk, Mironov Log, Rebrikha, Pavlovsk, Peresheyechnyy, Novosilikatnyy, Barnaul

Day 2: On the way to Barnaul.

Today we will visit no less interesting small museums. Most of them today will keep the stories of very famous people. We will also visit the foothills of the Altai and the monastery.
Visiting: Charyshskoye, Krasnoshchekovo, Rubtsovsk, Korobeynikovo, Zavetil'ichevskiy, Zmeinogorsk, Novoznamenskiy, Barnaul