Historic Sites, Arts and Crafts – Day 1: Folk Arts and Crafts

Today's day will be mostly devoted to getting acquainted with ancient handicrafts. We will learn how those Jostovo trays and Fedoskin's miniatures were made centuries ago and are being made nowadays, and by the evening we will go to the city of Dmitrov, where there are also many interesting things.
Historic Sites, Arts and Crafts

Trip duration: 2 days

Ekaterina Klimova

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Жостовская Фабрика

Art Museums

Zhostovskie trays have been familiar to us since IZO school lessons, it is time to visit the place where these bright and colorful products are made. Here you will be able to learn more about the history and intricacies of a difficult craft, as well as try your hand at it. Who knows, maybe it's you who will discover talent?

Музей народных промыслов


At different times Moscow region was the real craft center of Russia. Here lived and worked people from different areas. Their life, subtleties and results of work are described in detail in the Museum of Folk Arts, located in the village of Fedoskino. In particular, most of the exposition is devoted to varnish products, as well as production technologies and history.

Ресторан Фортуна


After spending a lot of time in local museums, you can go for lunch at one of the local restaurants called Fortuna. The place is quite cozy and well-appointed. Visitors can take tables both indoors and outdoors. The menu is full of familiar and familiar dishes and snacks.

Усадьба «Марфино»


The nature of the Moscow region has always been beautiful. No wonder that many noble families preferred to live there in their estates rather than in the city. One of these estates is Marfino. On its territory there are many different monuments, small fountains and artificial waterfalls. Entrance is free, but you must bring your own ID card.

Gazpromneft filling station #210

Gazpromneft network station located at: Yakhroma, highway A104 (Moscow-Dubna near the v. Podolinskaya). Fuel produced by Gazpromneft's own refineries is available for motorists: AI-92 and AI-95, premium G-Drive 95 and G-Drive 100, improved fuel "Diesel Opti", as well as liquefied petroleum gas. The filling station has a shop and a cafe under its own brand Drive Cafe, where you can buy goods on the road and eat. Coffee lovers will be pleased with the new service: using a mobile application of the Gazprom Neft filling station network, you can set your own recipe for a drink by choosing a fortress and foam height. You can also use a filling station, a tire inflation station and a tap with technical water for vehicle washing. The station is especially proud of its receiving point for tires for disposal.

Советская площадь


Dmitrov is one of the largest cities in the Moscow region, where there is a lot to see. However, the best way to get to know him is to start with his favorite place of rest for citizens - Sovetskaya Square. On holidays and weekends there are various fairs and festivals, the square itself is decorated in the center with a small fountain and surrounded by various shops and cafes.

Бегемот & Мышь

BBQ Joints

After a stroll through the main square it is worth dropping by for dinner at one of the nearest restaurants with the funny name of Hippopotamus & Mouse. It specializes in a variety of meat dishes and has a very large selection of grilled dishes, as well as light snacks and salads.