Oreshek Fortress. Schlisselburg History Museum. The old Secret House prison.. Royal Naryshkin Tower. .

Great Citadel Shlisselburg

Noteburg, the Petrofortress, Shlisselburg! Such a rich history at the Great Citadel. And today you and I will dive into this history and learn all the secrets of the fortress. Before visiting the museum of the fortress, be sure to order a fascinating excursion, here without a narrator can not do!

Great Citadel Shlisselburg

1 day itinerary by Alisa Ivanchenko - History and Culture -

Road Trip Categories: History and Culture

Day 1: The mysteries of the ruling families. Prisoners of Shlisselburg.

Shlisselburg is an ancient city with a rich history, which emerged together with the fortress of OreŇ°ek. Today we will see not only the fortress, but also the Shlisselburg prison, which existed there until 1917, the so-called "Russian Bastille". The Old Prison, the Nut Castle, the Historical Museum - these are all the main attractions in Shlisselburg that you can see and take pictures of!
Visiting: Shlissel'burg, Saint Petersburg, Centralniy