Find out how they used to fish in the Pless Fish Museum.. Taste delicious meat in the tourist complex "Salt Island". Get to know the moose at Sumarokov farm.. Visit Baklusha Museum and Varenya Library. Try real Kostroma cheese at the Cheese Museum.. Discover new ways to use salt.

Golden Ring Tasting Tour

On the territory of the "Golden Ring" are preserved not only monuments of Russian architecture, but also Russian cuisine! Ancient recipes, which were passed from generation to generation, are still carefully preserved in ancient towns, and now they are gladly treated to curious tourists. I suggest you make a small, but very intense tour of the Golden Ring of Russia!

Golden Ring Tasting Tour

2 days itinerary by Александра Нуркаева - Gastronomy Tour, Farms and Animals - 1 Hotel

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Day 1: Kostroma cheeses, smoked plessies bream and moose milk.

Feel the taste of the ancient cities of the Golden Ring: try the famous smoked bream in Plesa, healthy moose milk and fragrant fire cheeses!
Visiting: Nekrasovskoye, Kostroma, Ples, Dal'niy, Sumarokovo, Ivanovo

Day 2: Ancient Russian delicacies and a private cheese factory in the reserve

Take part in the salt boiling process, try the rose petals jam, have lunch in an institution where all dishes are made of onions and taste fine aged cheeses right at the cheese factory! [Photo Source](
Visiting: Nekrasovskoye, Glebovskoe, Ivanovo, Rostov, An'kovo, Semibratovo, Telishchevo