Getting to know Kolomna – Day 2: The samovar with the kalach

Today you will get acquainted with the craft of blacksmithing, visit the museum of samovar, and, of course, enjoy the Kolomna kalachas.
Getting to know Kolomna
Travel distance by car: 124 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Kolomna, Moscow

Trip duration: 2 days

Vladimir Gorodetsky

MiX point

Start your morning with a delicious breakfast at a popular café that has everything, including excellent desserts for tea or coffee. The choice is huge and the staff is friendly. It's a great place to eat quickly and tasty.

Музей кузнечного дела


Continue your acquaintance with Kolomna at the Museum of Smithing. You can take a tour here, it's very informative. It seems that every subject the guide can tell a whole story about.

Дом самовара

History Museums

Very interesting museum, a huge number of exhibits, over 400! Here and antique samovars from Central Asia or China, and samovars of Russian masters, and Soviet production. The museum is maintained by private funds.

Not just a cafe

For lunch, visit a cozy establishment with delicious food and the nicest team!

Музей «Калачная»

Bakeries, History Museums

In the end, if you still have time, visit the Kalachnaya Museum. It's a great, very atmospheric place. You can buy the freshest baked goods with you on the road.