Getting to know Kolomna – Day 1: Kolomna classics

What comes to mind when you mention Kolomna? Most likely, it is the famous pastel and architectural pearl of the city - the Kolomna Kremlin. Today you will not only visit the historical center of the city and taste natural sweets, but also spend an evening in a rather unusual and atmospheric museum.
Getting to know Kolomna
Travel distance by car: 138 km.Travel distance on foot: 0 km.Visiting: Kolomna, Moscow, Chulkovo

Trip duration: 2 days

Vladimir Gorodetsky

Skoda Octavia

Ресторан Белый Берег

Eastern European Restaurants

If you get hungry on the way from Moscow to Kolomna, stop by the restaurant on the river bank, where you can not only have a tasty meal but also enjoy the view, relax and rest. Excellent staff, good cuisine.

Kolomna Hotel

Muzeynaya Fabrika Kolomenskoy Pastily

How about an interesting dessert on arrival at Kolomna? "Kolomna Pastille" is an unusual museum: here you will not only learn about the production of Lamos, but you can also enjoy the tastes, smells, culture and special way of speaking.

Коломенский кремль

Historic Sites

The majestic Kolomna Kremlin. Inside, as well as outside - the inexpressible atmosphere of the city in the 19th century. Go for a free walk, enjoy the views, take memorable photos.


Great little museum of communal past, located in a colorful courtyard in the city center. All things are historical, everything can be seen and touched. There is a ticket with included lunch. It's colorful, unusual. One room is often given to an artist or writer who lives in it and creates his own project. An exhibition is held in the main hall.

Dedis Pitstsa

Excellent cuisine, cooked in the oven, and with knowledge. According to the locals, in Kolomna it's the best place with Italian cuisine.

Gazpromneft filling station No 56