The Great Salbyk Barrow. Hara Sugh Ethnic and Cultural Park. Museum of Local Lore in Sorsk. Uybat Chaatas. Museum-Reserve "Kazanovka". Ust-Sos Museum.. Sughes GLK. Khakassia Nature Reserve in Abaza city.

Gastronomic tour of Khakassia from Abakan

Rich ride on steppes and hills of Khakassia. National cuisine in almost every point of the route. Ancient burials and burial mounds along the route. Khakassia has a large share of traditional economy in the life of local residents, so almost every aale and every house has its own secrets and recipes. It is not difficult to find tasty national cuisine.

Gastronomic tour of Khakassia from Abakan

2 days itinerary by Pavel Ivshin - Gastronomy Tour -

Road Trip Categories: Gastronomy Tour

Day 1: By ethnic parks

Today we will visit two ethnic parks: Hara Sug and Kazanovka. National cuisine. Excursions and fishing of local people. Also on the route we will meet two mounds - megalithic structures with manuscripts and petroglyphs.
Visiting: Askiz, Charkov Vtoroy, Kamyshovaya, Abakan, Barlasov, Sorsk, Koshary

Day 2: Abaza - the capital of Khakai cuisine

Today we will find ourselves in Abaza, the gastronomic center of Hakai cuisine. Various thematic forums and festivals are very often held here. Also today we will visit Aal Ust-Sos and Syugesh skiing complex.
Visiting: Abaza, Askiz, Abakan, Ust'-Sos, Tashtyp