Visit the tea houses in Uch-Dere.. Try Solohaul tea.. Visit the House of Varenya.. Visit the Krasnodar Tea History Museum.. Take a walk around E Manor. A. Nightmare. .

Gastronomic pleasure: the most delicious places in Sochi

This journey can be called as follows: a gastronomic tour with a historical incline. During these three days you will not only taste a large number of different types of tea, taste delicious jam, jam and marmalade of real southern fruits and berries, but also plunge into the history of the region. You will visit the ruins of a Byzantine temple in Loo, Dagomyskie troughs or, as they are called, "Love Lake", visit the house of a Ukrainian immigrant who planted the first tea plantation in Russia. If you wish, you can fly in a hot air balloon or blimp. And this is only a part of what you will see and visit. ** Book hotels along the route with cachebacks up to 10%. At the end of the route you will find a special offer for Mastercard holders!

Gastronomic pleasure: the most delicious places in Sochi

3 days itinerary by #бесценныемаршруты - Gastronomy Tour - 1 Hotel

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Day 1: Time for a cup of tea with jam

Visit the most tea places in Sochi. Start the day by visiting the complex, where you will be told everything about the culture of tea, then visit a tea plantation and learn all about the life of a man who first planted tea in Russia. You will find many delicious tastings and learning facts.
Visiting: Loo, Sochi, Otradnoye, Lazarevskoye, Solokhaul, Kuchukdere, Khosta

Day 2: Honey, maybe?

In the morning, go to the mountains, Mountain Eden Park. In this place you can taste not only mountain honey, but also real local tea. You'll be surprised to learn that honey is also white, green. After you have tasted all kinds of honey, take a walk to the waterfall "Paradise Pleasure".
Visiting: Loo, Sochi, Gornoye Loo, Shakhe

Day 3: Dessert

Today you can visit a very unusual museum-cafe of Stanislav Doroshenko. Here you can taste fresh jam, there is even a special offer for guests - tasting set, which includes 3 flapjacks, tea and 5 kinds of jam. Also feed the animals at Exarcho farm and don't forget to take delicious natural cheese with you.
Visiting: Loo, Vysokoye, Sochi, Kuchukdere, Dagomys, Vardane, Gornoye Loo